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 Hey, for every choice, there are consequences. Just because you make the choice people who aren't your customers urge you to make, doesn't mean that your customers are going to like the choice, does it?

Even in cloud-cuckoo-land?

I suspect they'll survive and recover. Coke survived New Coke.  Ford survived the Edsel. Might lose a few employees over it, but that's acceptable collateral damage.    

It's for the children, after all.

Dick’s Sales, Stocks Drop Following Black Gun Ban


Moral of the story? Don't be a Dick. Listen to your customers who brings you money in the front door.
Hmm,  not to self not to go there and look for .45acp any time soon...
Hmmm, note to self,  do not go to Dicks for .45acp
Ahhhhh, I love Montana where just yesterday I opened the paper and the weekly sale flyers to see:
"AR-15's IN STOCK!
Get yours before they're gone!!"

Not to mention Taurus 9mm's, Remington 1911 .45's, Winchester .308's, and all the fun fiddly bits to go with them.
Kinda brought a tear to my eye....and a smile to MH's face.
I know what the gray thing in the background is!  They used them on BB-64,  the Big Badger Boat !
Indeed, they did. That one has a powder bag in it, too.