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The Awakening?

Just a thought piece...

If someone breaks into my house they'd be met with dogs and guns (if I had either).

With that in mind I posted this on FB the other day:
"We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm." George Orwell

Are they still there and awake?

Something disturbs my sleep. Perhaps it is the anguished cry of those rough men gone before?
Then this happened in London:
A British soldier was decapitated a few hundred yards from a UK Army base by two men with large knives saying: “We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you.” The men were shot when police responded 20 minutes later.

The question: Is there still a line we are even allowed to draw in the sand? 


Free men have the right of self defense, and must never fear to use it against attacks by those who would do us harm.

The issue of requiring a permission slip to do so is another discussion entirely.

As is the issue of governments and their powers, from whence they are derived, and how they are exercised.

God made all men, but Samual Colt mede them equal.  Especially if it is a matter of bringing a gun to a knife fight.

 "Drawing a line in the sand", this reminds me of people who draw lines in places with with water that has a tidal flow. It makes absolutely no sense. When Mama Nature decides to move the sand in places like Iraq, I think we would learn to discern is constantly moving, I would think our Vets from Iraq, would learn this very quickly.

For me this is ANOTHER action that is an ACT OF WAR by islam!!!!! What more do me need to see and experience to GO TO ALL OUT WAR AGAINST islam, where ever they lay?
 "Evil is easy and has infinite forms" - Blaise Pascal

After I got out of the Army in 1999, I felt that owning a weapon wasn't necessary.  Even after 9-11( and maybe becuase we knew Pres. Bush was all in when it came to eliminating terrorists), I still hadn't change by mind.

For me Superstorm Sandy showed me how easily the veil of the gov't protection can be stripped away.  Now i don't see how an American citizen cannot own one.  I'm soon to own my firearm and luck y to have my father-in-law, an retired cop and former Coastie, being able to train me how to properly safeguard it and fire it.  Sadlyn though, I live in a state where I am not permitted to carry out beyond my property lines, which gives the bad guys the advantage.

This event of course just shows the necessity of owning a weapon and being vigilant at all times.  My heart aches at the loss of this British solider.

One more comment - sorry cant resist.

I'm currently reading the book "Battle for the Soul of Islam" (see )in which the author a Veteran and Muslim remarks that ""Make no mistake about it, we are no less at risk from the Islamists now than we were on 9/11."

Too bad our leaders cannot see this. I pray and hope that more conversative Muslims step up in the fight against terrorism.  Many have stood with us in Iraq and 'stan.  We need them.
When seconds counted, the police were 20 minutes away.
 dnice, you need to find another state to live in. Where you live is half a staep above a Nazi state and doesn't deserve anyone living there, except other Nazis.
David Cameron gave a "Keep calm and carry on" speech while surrounded by his armed guards.
"For me Superstorm Sandy showed me how easily the veil of the gov't protection can be stripped away." 
Yup.  The world's a violent place and life's a contact   Economics and industry and an agreed to body of rules have made it so we can forget often that the world is a violent place and life's a contact sport. 
How many years of dealing with the Provos, and the Brit police still don't carry guns. The cops on scene had to wait for armed officers to arrive. Dnice, we have great policies here in the Big Land of Open Carry -- and it doesn't take all that long to get your CC, either!  ; )
Acad Ronin: I was thinking the same thing.

I will make one observation: even with cops carrying guns here in the US, most of 'em are lousy shots. Last year we had that pathetic mix-em-up in NYC where the cops shot a half-dozen citizens while trying to hit a single man with a pistol, and this past spring we had a couple dozen LAPD fire at, and miss, two women they mistook for one (large) black man.