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 Not made of snow.

In the Panzer Museum in Thun, Switzerland.  Indirect h/t to JMH.


Very nice, though a brief description of the models would not go amiss.

Speaking of models, the camouflage job of pic 19 is excellent - no way would I ever imagine it was a tank.
No. 58 is my personal favorite, but I have no idea what the tank in the photo that you selected is.  Care to share.
It's probably a Swiss-designed prototype based on the Jagdpanzer 38(t)/Hetzer, using a 75mm gun. The upper hull is intended to replicate the signature of a boulder. Some of the suspension bits may have been sourced from Sweden.

The "close combat" tank "Gustav" from 1947-ish. 4 prtotypes built.  
Centurian, 19 is wearing more camouflage than 58.

I agree,  58s 'sandy' colour looks more natural than dark blue over tan.