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Oh, life at Castle Argghhh! is kinda laid back...

 ...and you meet interesting people and I find I'm still learning things about SWWBO.

I got to meet some Capuchins yesterday. And learned something new about Beth.

A colleague of mine has a large man-made koi pond in his back yard. He has a great deck - koi pond, tiki bar, great shade, and privacy even in the middle of a large, long-established development. He's got three-foot long feed-a-family sized carp in there, and the industrial filtration required. And he needs to cull his numbers. And we have a large pond that is pretty healthy, based on the number of frogs and turtles that live in it.

So yesterday I went to his place to get 6 tubs of koi and goldfish, including three big farm-raised fish, two of them girls ready to be breeders, all of them, from tiny to large, pretty good-looking fish. All in all, about thirty or so.

That was pretty routine, if sweaty work in that humidity.

Then I met the Capuchins.

Those Capuchins weren't coffee-making monks, but rather monkeys. Greg and his wife have two of the little rascals, one male, one female. The girl decided I was okay and needed the beard groomed. The male, who is very protective of his Dad (and brave when Dad is there to back him up) decided I was to be allowed in the room, but both Greg and I were sweaty and that was icky so he just hung out with Mom, mostly.

They are engaging little beasts. And not something to undertake lightly as a pet (Justin Bieber, are you listening?). Heh. There's a community of monkey families in Missouri, and they get together for play dates. Visualize a day care center full of actual monkeys, vice the relatively hairless primates we normally associate with the term. That must be hilarious.

Anyway, we then strap those tubs into the truck and I motor home, after calling SWWBO and asking her to pre-position the Ranger near the lower gate into the south 40 so that we can get the fish into the pond.

That's when I discovered I married a Fish Whisperer.

I lug those tubs to the waters edge, and Beth just starts reaching in and tickling the fish, grabbing them and tossing them into the water. Me, I have trouble catching them (they're slippery buggers) but she's like a machine - there's a waterfall of fish into the pond. Some did look a little outraged at finding themselves flying through the air doing flips like an olympic diver - others just said "Wow! Big Water! Yay!"

I so wished I had a camera.

That was a good way to spend an evening though. Meeting monkeys and fish-tossing.

Bonding experience, that.


 Now you'll have to worry about fish-eating predators at your pond. Oh Noe! You'll have to train the Exterior Guard to run them off or those brightly-collored fish dinners won't last long.
 Beware of coons and otters!