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More Collector's Logic...

 Who *doesn't* want an early example of a wrapped brass cartridge, in this case an Indian (from the sub-continent, not Native American) Police Buckshot cartridge.

I mean, really? Why wouldn't you want one?


Cool. For what firearm?
What is this for?
The greener shotgun?
These are the shells that obammie uses to shoot skeet with.
As i recall the India Police used the Greener shotgun to limit it's usefulness in any issurection 
Colin, I believe that you are talking about the Greener Police Shotgun (sorry John, the Link Button was gone) that was engineered to take special ammunition. John's example seems to be much earlier than that, and was probably for the standard 577-450. I wish I had both examples.
The blog no longer likes Firefox for some reason. Chrome and IE work correctly. And yes, Seza has it right - it's a Snider cartridge. I do have a Greener and the SMLE shotgun.  
Don't be silly - of course I want one.

One of my on-going interests is a modest cartridge collection (I do have a Greener shotgun shell) of a few hundred rounds. Most is centered  around obsolete American rimfire and center-fire, with a decent sprinkling of other oddities. Fascinating things.
I must differ with the beliefs of Seza and the Armorer.

It appears the cartridge is really the "Cartridge SA Buckshot Martini Henry Mark II"
approved in November 1885,  The first issue was 5,000 rounds in 1887-1888 from Woolwich, with later contract procurement 1893-1910 from Eley, Kynoch and Birmingham Metals & Munitions.

"Two marks of Martini buckshot cartridge were issued for service with the rifle or carbine, and one loading of spherical ball.  Buckshot ammunition for the Martini was issued to the Royal Irish Constabulary, to the prison service and, very occasionally,  to troops in the field."
So sayeth P. Labbett in "British Military Small Arms Ammunition 1864-1938" pages 58-59.
Fair enough, J(NTA) - mine was a working hypothesis. The vendor wasn't sure, it has just arrived, and I 've not had a chance to get out my other round of the period. And won't until Sunday. I 'm off getting my Rotary on. Which today will include rifles and trap shooting.