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Let us head into the holiday with...

...a Whatziss!

No tricky angles.  No gimmicky trick shots to distort scale.  In fact, there is an actual US Government scale.

So, whatziss?


Snow sandals. Used when snow shoes would be too much.
It's a trench telescope. 
I guess the Echo is still working.  (thumbs up)
 Fred, this should be good, a "flat foot" wearing sandals in the snow, but definitely, not too deep. I hope he has good treds.

Ry,you are quite right, the echo works just fine (fine) (fine) (fine). It was never broke (broke) (broke).

It appears to be some type of pool used for adjustment, similar to a ratchet.

A minor correctios, ,pool = tool

If anybody asks you, tell them this, "OLD AGE REALLY SUCKS!"

It is a trick, the real Whatzis is the ruler.
Bellows, sans the nozzle.
 Grumpy - embrace the suck.
Something from your "Dungeon of Delights"?