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Where has all the ammo gone?


 Combo of things. Some price-gougers are hoarding, then "miraculously" finding some at twice the previous price. Names named on my blog.

Mostly though, it the case of the "pipeline" or supply-chain getting emptied in obama Gun Rush Two. it will take quite a while to fill up that pipeline again.

Just got an ad for $80/brick from J&G Sales, which does not gouge, .22LR 40-gr LRN. $80 a farging brick! And they will probably sell out. Be interesting to see how much the FACTORY has raised their prices, but I was buying $15 bricks just two years ago.
Forty years ago Johnny Carson, playing off a statement by WI congresscritter Harold Froehlich (my homey), made a joke on the Tonight Show about a toilet paper shortage. Next day, people started hoarding toilet paper and created shortages that lasted months. The Great Ammo Shortage is a more persistent hoarding stampede operating with the same psychology. I am way past out of patience with this.
I was living in England in '75 when a rumor started about a sugar shortage... well, the Brits like sugar in their tea- so everyone flocked to the local store and bought all the sugar they could find.
Et voila! A sugar shortage ensued, and the rumor proved true- as many people with multiple sacks of sugar in the larder would smugly assure you.
FredB has the right of it. This ammo shortage is self-induced. Luckily I have enough of my calibers to ride out the drought... (and that got before the frenzy)
Sure, the supply will eventually increase back to a more normal level, but I'll bet that the prices don't come quite back to the pre-shortage levels.
 What we are going to see about a year down the road is ammo producers complaining about low sales. We are in a bubble and those things never end well. Some producers may go under as a result. Alas, it will probably be someone we don't want to see go under either.
BiMart is still selling .22 long rifle for @ $18/brick. When it's in. Coastal is doing the same. It doesn't appear from here that the factories have increased prices but hoarding is rampant. People that don't even shoot have been buying stuff up. I know several who buy anything they find on the shelf and then sell it with 'just a little' mark up.

I'll give J&G the benefit of the doubt, maybe they have had to resort to buying from gougers in order to keep anything in stock, but, gouging is going on even by some of the big guys.