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I ought to be offended, but I'm not.

1. This guy Chris is a talented amateur.

2. "Ladd Everitt, spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said the collection of images were 'pretty run-of-the-mill gun porn.'"

3. Clearly, I have better security and the Brady folks are slackers.

4. Castle Argghhh! - posting Gun Pr0n on the Internet since 2003....

Weapons collector with 40,000 online followers accused of making 'gun porn' after posting pictures of firearms on cash, army camouflage and even cereal.

There are a lot more of us, living next door to you and borrowing sugar from you, eating your barbecue and keeping an eye on your kids when you need to pop out for an errand than people have any idea.

Because we aren't dangerous - though the Usual Suspects, politicians, politicized law enforcement types and some in the media like to portray us as potential Aurora shooters with a cachet of Ariel Castro.

When in fact we're President of the local Rotary Club, sit on the boards of your local charities, and support worthy causes.  Not just the NRA.

But we *are* the NRA.


It's those Eastern Bloc snip rifles that truly set him apart...
The cerial stuff is what concerns me. He can post as much gun pr0n as he likes. That's teh good stuff as we around these cyber parts know quite well.
 Guns and Froot Loops!  Clearly a potential cereal killer!
{rolls eyes} Roger? Go to your room.

I found this statement revealing: 
Chris, 42, from Florida, who has not revealed his surname for fear of reprisals from anti-gun activists, has collected weapons legally for the past 20 years.
The progs are so tolerant & open-minded that those who disagree with them must be concerned about reprisals.