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So, we know which portions of the Bill of Rights administration officials find congenial.

First? Nope, not so much of late.

Second? Puh-leeze.

Third? Not an issue one way or another, really, and mostly hasn't been since the Civil War.

Fourth? Well, there is that whole hacking computers thing, and stuff. But there were probably warrants involved. So they're at least following this one because it lets them work on the people who are exercising the First in ways the powers that be find uncongenial.

Fifth? Oh yeah, they likey that one!

Sixth? Well, they're using the Fifth to try an prevent any reliance on this one, while they use the Fourth to go after those who like the First. But right now, we're big on that Fifth, because we're hoping it will prevent us needing to try to subvert that whole speedy thing in the Sixth. Plus, we don't think you'll actually use our peers, who would acquit us, but you'll pull in some schmoes from the street.

Seventh? We're liking that one, since some of the people who are using the Fifth are being sued by people who are being pummeled for liking the First.

Eighth? We're hoping to duck that one altogether, but we're liking having it in reserve.

Ninth? We're not fond of the wording of that one, because it's a limiter, but it isn't really a big deal at the moment.

10th? While we've been having the Judiciary chip away at that one for decades, we'd like it to go the way of that inconvenient 2nd one.