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Continuing the whatziss...

 Let's open things up a bit.


I haven't bitten on a Whatziss in a while, but I recall a similar-looking device as being solved as a fuze-setter. This gizmo has a similar look, and a strap to sling it, so I say it is a fuze-setter, too. Not a Redleg, so I can't look at the pertinent parts and say which shell or gun.
Boomerang. Field expedient. Polish manufacture. I'm assuming it would be some kind of carrier, possibly for a pack animal. Or it could be a kreuzschlitzscrhaubenzieher.
Just spit balling here, but I'll say an artillery range finder, poor man's version, or a very early design, before optics were relatively cheap.  The diamond shaped punch outs appear to be spaced for a pair of eyes.  Two men looked at the same target at the same time, at a set distance apart, and came up with a horizontal angle somehow.  From that, and trigonometry, the range is found.

Problem is, I don't see any way to measure that horizontal angle.  So either something is not shown, or I'm wrong.
If "Mad Mike" made it, it probably comes apart to reveal one or two blades. He probably didn't, so probably not.

Actually, I thinks JeffS may be on to something. The leather strap would give you known distance for your baseline and you could read your distance off a table. If the target wasn't moving, you could do it with one individual. I think it's too big and has too many holes for a fuse wrench.
Naw, that's not quite right. It's locked in place as shown. The leather strap is just for carrying it, I'll bet.

It's hard to believe you could get accurate readings with an 18 inch baseline, but I haven't done that math problem since fifth grade (we used a yard stick), and I think that was just measuring the height of the flagpole.
MIl-spec eskimo snow goggles.  The leather strap is actually a headband. 

Alternatively, it could be a left-handed razzlefratchet missing key components of the sub-fratchet assembly.
 I will not hazard a guess. The Armorer already knows QM is special, but there is no need to show him I am more special than he already knows, and he knows QM is  clueless on this. I have an excellent defense however, as I was in the Navy afore I had the good sense to go in the Army.
But QM... you've *seen* this. MUA-HA-HA-hahaha... 
Naw, that's not quite right. It's locked in place as shown. The leather strap is just for carrying it, I'll bet..
Yeah, on second thought, you're right, it's not.

So I'm going with "I dunno".
Next we turn it over to see the bits which are fiddled with.

John, seeing and noticing are two completely different concepts. :-)
It's the front legs of the MG34 sustained fire rig you have a a feature today.

 Aren't we clever...  o_O

 TwoFiceZulu be spesial too. Almost just like QM. But QM didn't cheat.
Not cheating, just comes from being taught logic by Jesuits, QM.  John's "*seen* this" comment was actually the give-away for some quick inductive logic.