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C'est Divine

Today, on St. Joan D'Arc's Feast Day, we are all reminded...



 C'est bon!
 Goodness. I've never heard French spoken with a Boq-cent!
Oh, c'mon, Boq! Don't you diss La Pucelle! Captain Sir Basil Liddell-Hart himself counted her as one of the Great Captains. She did at least one miracle; she got an entire army to refrain from cussin' and swearin'!
Mark Twain wrote "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc" which he considered his finest work. He spent 12 years doing research to write the book.
Yep, Jay, that's one of my favorites of his books. She really did cause a mediaeval army, composed of low-life scum, to refrain from using bad language, even in battle.
Or a minor nobleman of Corsican descent Boq.  Marshal de Saxe was no slouch either. 
 Anyone that has seen the Heidelberg Castle has viewed Louis the XIV's handiwork. The Franch were the most warlike country on the continent for several centuries. That was a tradition that ended after Waterloo, and the exhaustion of the French nation. After that, it was pretty much downhill. The Prussians learned the lessons that Napoleon taught them, however. That birthed the General Staff, a tradition we ended in 1945.

If anyone wants to say the German General Staff ceased to exist after WW1, you need to look into a little organization called the Troopamt.