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Yeah, about that...

The lead-in from my daily dose from Organizing for Obama:

"Friend --

Yesterday, 45 senators chose to ignore their constituents and stand with the gun lobby. "


I'm pretty sure *my* two Senators voted exactly as the majority of their constituents wanted them to vote.

This is Kansas, not Massachusetts.

Just sayin'.


The Left lives inside a fantasy bubble formed by their irrational beliefs and narrissistic feelings that everyone else should agree with them. But, many of these Senators must stand for election next year.  Their votes will not come from the gun lobby and they damn well know it.
IMPORTANT-  If your Senators voted the RIGHT way, then take a couple of minutes to google "[Senator name] contact" and find their form for sending emails.

Then send them a brief note:
"Thank you for defending our gun rights.  I will remember this at election time."

They are bombarded with people telling them to vote this way or that, often with marginally effective bulk mail programs.  However, comments AFTER a vote reinforces good behavior, and lets them know that we pay attention to how they vote.

Of all the amendments, a couple were okay, but not if part of the overall S649 gun ban bill. 
-- The Manchin-Toomey substitute had some good features, but still was the foot in the door for gun registration, so it had to die.
-- The Cruz-Grassley substitute bill was actually pretty good, but the left hated it because it lacked the registration tools.  It should be run as a new bill.
-- National recognition for permits was good, but only an amendment, not a replacement for the worthless crap basic S649 bill.
-- Fixing the adjudication and appeal process for vets deemed incapable of handing their finances (on a very low standard)  was good, but again, just an amendment not a substitute.

We won this one because our side started early and kept up the pressure on the Senators over an over.  Obama's puppets were not energized to do much, despite the rantings of Organizing For America and the teachers unions, or his waving bloody shirts and using grieving parents at props.  (The left responds best if there is "free stuff" at stake, but don't care much about Constitutional rights.)

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My Montana a$$wipe Senators voted exactly as their election necessities dictated.  The jerk who won last year voted "Yea".  The jerk who is up for reelection next year voted "Nay".  It has absolutely nothing to do with their constituencies desires.
Tools they are, and dangerously dull ones at that.
However, in this instance, the Constitution won -- as it should have.
Sly, we need more wimminz like you. If I were only thirty years younger...
If you were only thirty years younger, you'd get your butt bounced by her former Marine husband...  that's if she didn't punt you through the fenceposts first.
Hey! She never mentioned that she was married, IIRC! Far be it from me to poach on someone else's preserve!
Shirley  (yes, I did just call you Shirley 0>;~}) you've seen the references to my being one of *those* kind of wives that Uncle Sam's Misguided Children deserve as companion?  Just because I made John blush....once....or twice.

And, John, *cough cough* it's Retired Marine....
*Waves hands airily*

Doesn't matter.  It's not like they can read or anything.

Here in Missouri, we are stuck with a mainstream republican, Blunt, and that stupid Obama blowing shebitch McCaskill.  Blunt occasionally does it right, but the other dumbass mindlessly slobs Obama's knob, while saying "Yes Master, Yes Master...." and voting however he tells her to.  Hope she is getting ready now for the fun and games we have planned for her next reelection bid.
Well, yanno, there's a reason for that....
Being from a Blue State like New Jersey, it isn't necessary to look up how our Senators voted; they always vote straight party lie.(not a typo)
Steve, Steve, Steve.  Kids do visit, yanno?
Oh, and Sly? You and yer hubby take it easy on an old man, wouldya?
Here in the BLUE state of WA, the two senate whores, Murray and Cantwell, voted as we expected.
With the massive voter fraud in King county, we will never be rid of these wastes of skin...
We're retired, man.  "Taking it easy" is our daily goal.
Well, that and fulfilling our duty to embarrass the teenage daughter as much as possible.