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We're just a bunch of Dexters in Bill Maher's world...

 Bill Maher showing what a hip, deep thinker he is while chatting with Sebastian Junger.

Well, some of them are psychopaths. I mean, let’s be honest. Some people join the Army because it’s the one place where you can kill people for free. Where you’re not charged with murder.
I will say the Auld Soldier talked about his team sergeant in Korea, who was *exactly* what Maher is talking about - a man who feared the end of the war, because it would mean he couldn't kill people any more. Dad always wondered what became of him.  That would be one person the Auld Soldier worked with over 27 years who had that vibe.  

Ergo, Maher is correct.  "Some" people.  Nicely vague, but oh so wise.

Because, you know, he's *seen* Full Metal Jacket, Apocalypse Now, Platoon, and Jarhead.  He's been there and has seen shit and therefore knows stuff we don't know.

We're the Dexter Legion.

I wonder how many actual soldiers Maher actually *knows.* I love the "I mean, let's be honest..."

I think Junger pushed back with the right tack.


You could join the police, too, like Dexter did! Or the BATFEieio. Or the FBI. Lots of places.

Blood libel, is what it is.
Heh.  You could be a talk show host and engage in character assassination with impunity, for that matter.
One wonders if that jerkface Maher knows that people in the Army (and Marines, etc.) can be and are charged with murder for killing people?

Turns out even the armed forces have rules about who you can shoot, and when.
According to that logic, boxers are maniacs who enter a profession where you beat people up, but aren't arrested for assault. And surgeons are psychos who slice people up with knives, but aren't arrested for torture...


I always identified with the other Dexter, myself. You know, the one with the secret lab, who's afraid of gurl cooties? Speaking of which, have y'all noticed just how ate up with gurl cooties Science Fiction is, these days? Not to mention the Armed Forces....
Don't y'all get it, he saw some movies, that makes "Good Olld whatshisface" an 'xpert.
 Yeppers, Grumpy! He's a has been drip under pressure.
 QM, assuming what you say is true. then he really needs to visit his urologist.

   ; - )
 Grumpy, I';m sure a Urologist could help him. I just wonder how many extensions he'd have to put on his roto-rooter to reach Maher's brain. There's a powerful lot of blockage in Maher's system.
I'm with Grumpy and Qm here, to the extent that I remember anything about that Maher person, I having been disconnected from the TeeWee, even cable, for ten years or so, now.t

When I read "Dexter", I always think of the nerd kid in the cartoon, not the sociopathic cop you guys seem to be thinking about, whom I've only heard about at second hand.
P.s. I am well into my seventh decade on this here mudball, but I will always be a ten-year-old nerd kid in my own mind, and don't any of y'all forget that!