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Welcome, Morons from Ace of Spades!

 Andy was a bit too generic in his linkage (which I appreciate).

If you're here for the Gun Pr0n - you want this link to the Gun Pr0n Archives.

Which is full of things like this - my basement.

The Arsenal of Argghhh!

 And, as always when there is a flood of new visitors - Why The Blog Was Founded.  Which also contains the Standard Warnings and Disclaimers. 


Sure, now you've done it... invited in a bunch of right-wing gun nuts!
...oh, wait...

Better than a bunch of LEFT-wing gun nuts. At least we'uns gets us some trainin' an such like before we goes out and tries to fire us some weepuns..

*Wolf-Whistles, cat-calls* Hubba, hubba!
Ohhhhh, yeah! That's what I like!
 I'm one of the morons directed here by Ace.  Great site, really enjoying looking around.

And F Cocheron.  
I still think we need a Special Weapon shape (no, it isn't called a "bomb," it's a "shape") in the collection--this is, after all, a Joint blog.

...and I want a Thompson that works. :)

...but making AoS IS superb.

P.S. More trivia: SW's don't explode; they "disassemble"--the rate at which they do determining the yield. Just thought you'd like to know.

P.P.S. I'm in SHanghai at the moment. If I hear anything locally about what Beijing thinks of Kim Jong Un (not much, I'm estimatin'), I'll let you know.
 When the Armorer talks Gun Pr0n, he doesn't fool around.

IN memory of the Peeps destroyed by the Barrett, here's more ways for a Peep to die,

A mighty fine basement full of stuff it is!

If I recall correctly, there is a "special weapons shape" of the 155mm flavor somewhere about the premises (obviously inert)! 

 J(NTA) is correct. There is a "SW" shaped shape in the collection...
 I have a 155mm crew trainer that covers handling, ramming, unloading, etc. Not yield selection. Those are probably still classified and destroyed. No one has told me that yields have been unclassified.
Nothing to compare with the Davy Crockett, I'm sure.  The nuclear deterrent that caused the entire Warsaw Pact to collapse.
"Never give in--never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

 And John shows up and tosses Churchill in the mix...
Appropriate--he struck me as a man who could enjoy a good nuke...
"Disassemble"? You mean Detonate, don't you? Having been in the Triad for 12 years, we trained for most every type of SW that a BUFF could carry, from the largest (B-41) to the smallest (B-61), but I never heard the term "disassemble" used. The acronym was NuDet for the kaboom. 
Someone's trying to be too precise with language. SW, from one POV, do not detonate (although they contain a detonation) because they do not have a chemical reaction supersonic front wave (except in the detonator.) Hence the "exceeding rapid disassembly" that I learned in nuclear physics class. "You mean it blows up?" "Yes, but it does not, strictly, detonate. Remember that for the test. If it doesn't blow up, it fizzles." "Fizzles?" "Another technical term you don't need details of."
HTOM: thengkew...thenkewverymuch.

Rivrdog: See? SEE? (Note: Us A-10 dudes don't know that much about nukes--our only tactic is tossing one over a LARGE ridge line, slicing back to the dirt and racing away while putting our hemmet bags over our heads. Only reason I knew the disassembly thing is 'cause one of my buds in our flight when we were FAIPs was an nuke engineering major in college.)
Re: the 155 SW trainer...  back when I was in the "silver bullet band" they always told us "Please don't actually ram it!"  We had the extractor, of course, but there were uncomfirmed rumors that someone once had to shoot the trainer to get it out of the bore.  I doubted that story, but it sure sounded good.
 Panther,  I suppose, if the left wing loonie environwhackos are to be believed, the API rounds in the party mix were SW's of a sort.   Maybe if you closed one eye, squinted real hard, and the Cubs won the Series......
 htom, they don't fizzle they fision, or split in an uncontrolled nuke chain reaction. I don't know if any thing equivalent to a "burn rate" has been measured or stated when it comes to nukes, but it seems to be mighty fast whatever it is. C-4's rate is somewhere north of 6km/sec as I recall, and the reaction in the fissile mass seems, for all practical puposes, instantaneous through the mass. I don't think it's illegit to say the thing detonates. Deflagration at its finest.
Deflagration (subsonic in the material chemical wavefront), detonation (supersoninc in the material chemical wavefront), and extremely rapid disassembly (speed of light in material, that's not secret any more) are three very different things. Fizzle is failure to achieve expected nuclear yield; there are several possible causes. Fission is heavy atoms releasing energy (and particles) due to division of the atomic nucleous, fusion is the formation of heavier atoms from lighter ones, with a release of energy by the conversion of mass to energy.
Ah, yes, Qm, Death to the Peeps!  (Have you, too, been reading some Honor Harrington novels lately?)
Ace is too much into Conservativism, Inc., for my taste. I'm more into the reactionary end of things, m'self. Gimmee a Virtuous Christian King, and I'm happy.
P.s. to my last:  Yes, I know Lex is dead.