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They heard about what happened in Temple, TX.

They're ready for people like CJ Grisham, who carry unconcealed weapons, rudely.



Hey, just another dose of progressive "the process is the punishment".

I grew up in the Bronx of the '50s and '60s. Back there and then, part of the folk-wisdom was that if you're in court, you've already lost. The question to be decided is how much. 
No concealable weapons allowed?

So, even if they're not concealed, but could be, they're banned?

I'm not sure either sign complies with Texas code...
We need Schroedinger weapons, which may or may not be concealed or concealable, until you look at them.
Texas law is very specific on what kind of poster holds any legal weight.  Neither of these come even close.

Temple PD and a certain Bell County DA are known problems.  Why Fort Hood fails to engage on behalf of its personnel is probably a reflection on post leadership's lack of leadership skills and cajones.

It will be up to C.J., as usual, to take down the scumbags.  He'll do it.
QM Sez,  Sic 'em CJ!
 funny the picture of the tank is a T-72, I guess they couldn't find a picture of a "decent" tank to use.