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The story gains traction

...though I'm still not convinced it's a story.  I'd like to see the historical data... but I'm too lazy to look for it.  Mebbe one of you guys with time on your hands and needful bandwidth can hunt for it?

GAO Now Investigating DHS Ammo Purchases.


Someone is making money supplying the ammo. So, no grand conspiracy required where the bog standard graft and corruption conspiracy is sufficient explanation. Somebody is making a lot of money acquiring the ammo and reselling it to DHS.
I think it's a combination of all factors: 1) Panic buying by the public, due to fears of the Federal gov't - real or imagined. 2) The Feds buying in large bulk, for whatever reasons - real or imagined. 3) Manufacturers and related suppliers not being geared up to meet the demands of 1 & 2 together.
John, I don't think any one person has the answer to this "Phuster Cluck", but if we get our heads together we may figure out what is, or is not reality. To start with, this reminds me of another debate, are we talking about "Warriors or Soldiers?" I remember a different voice, but it made a very important point. You made an essential point by bringing in the concept the soldier follows "Lawful Orders", in compliance with Article 19 of the UCMJ.

As I watched the video, it raised many questions and answered very few questions. Let's face it, the US Government, most of the time, follows its own precedent. Very few times, do they create new "lawful precedent". In my view, it takes a creative mind to establish a new precedent. Remember, I am talking about a precedent that is compliant with the law, all of it. To be honest with you I do not believe that anyone of these Government individuals or in the accumulative sense of the word, are up to the task to solve this problem, even if on just an intellectual level I know this comment. I know this is not the answer to your question, but just an observation.

To FredB, why not just track the money, then prosecute any politician making money off such an action. The reason is simple, we would have established a new precedent. This would leave some very powerful people with a scrotal adjustment. therefore, this would prove that we he have a firm grasp of the "issues". This must be equal for both parties.

Someone else pointed out that payments for ammo orders are about as fungible as a giant petty cash slush fund drawer. 
Let's say we are ordering  ten million rounds of ammunition, get the money and then only order five million rounds.  But we say we got ten and shot up those "missing" five. 
Who's going to be able to prove differently? 
I would think invoicing from the manufacturers would answer that question, emdfl - unless, as FredB suggests, there is collusion in those ranks.
 It is such a relief to see in the article that DHS is NOT
buying 1.6 billion rounds. They are only buying 750 million. 

That is only 2,403,846 rounds for each person within our borders. 

Much less frightening. 
Math fail, Jim.  Estimated population of US, by the Census Bureau, July 2012, was 311,591,917.  So the number is 2.4 rounds per person. 

Sure ya didn't smash a bug on your screen and mistake that for the decimal?

8^ )

I don't expect GAO to get very far -- nobody has, when investigating the Lackwit Administration -- but I'm happy they're trying.  Because there are at least two reasons to be investigating these ammo buys.  One is the obvious one: why are they buying so much ammunition?  The second is slightly less obvious: why are many of the contracts with a company that doesn't physically exist?  (I don't know if that site is moonbat or not, but I've looked at multiple map programs myself and they all agree: the address given for Evian Group Inc. doesn't exist.)
Now, the fedgov isn't buying they're only affecting that indirectly (increased demand for other calibers results in materials shortages - lead, copper, brass, powder - for .22) if at all.

Heck, .22 is about the hardest thing to find there is, right now.
Really, 2.4 rounds per man/ woman and child? That isn't nearly enough. Have you seen how these cops shoot? Not to mention the dogs...
Excellent point, Shark.  They'd need a minimum of seven for the Castle, assuming they could get us all to just take it in the neck like a Gulag prisoner.
I betcha they'd have to shoot Damncat, too,  if they tried to grab him after the massacre.

Oh,and there is something to be said for keeping an intact Siamese or Maine Coon tomcat; they like their humans and will fight alongside them. Of course, every cat is sui generis. Sometimes you get a kitteh like Simon of HMS Amethyst, sometimes you get Red Lead of HMAS Perth.

In Red Lead's defense, I do think he was justified in attempting to desert. He knew what was about to happen.  I do believe that cats can predict, not just earthquakes, but the outcome of naval battles.  Duke of York's kitteh famously slept through the battle of the North Cape; she knew who would win.
I have been taken aback by the lack of 22LR....Defentily did not expect "panic" buying of what I had come to take for granted (aka toliet paper on the shelf of my local merchant). I see three basic factors:
One- gungrabbers Congress constantly erording our 2nd amendment rights, cheered on by the Big Zero, and 5th column (aka serial numbers on each round/bullet, tax per round/bullet, etc, etc)
Two - Large purchases of ammunition by Goverment enities, thus competing for the componets to make ammunition (aka brass, primers, powder)
Three - "panic" buying (aka -  Here comes the hurricane 18 states away, lets tank up on the gas)
At any rate, 22LR is rare as a Dodo bird around here, though you can see scary black rifles on the shelf now, along with the scary (more than 10 round) magizines.

Here is what the President of CCI Ammunition has to say 'bout it:

Sorry for the typo's, in my defense, I admit two to one Guineness :)
Thanks for that link wolfwalker, Evian Group is the kind of thing I had in mind.
A contract to buy "up to" 750 million rounds over the next 5 years is not the same as actually buying 750 million rounds.  
 Just for the record, Matt - I've weighed in on this before.

Just like I"m the loner sceptic on DHS kitting out its "Polizei Division."

Anything that has, at it's root, Alex Jones and Infowars, is suspect.  

When Jones actually gets something right, it's along the order of "even a stopped clock is right twice a day."  Though Jones is more of a 24 hour dial model.

And even if he has disparate facts correct, he connects them in mysterious ways that only he can see.

Actually, Jerry, if you look at the record, for most of the past 30 years, Congress has been quite respectful of our 2nd Amendment rights, with the "skeery blak rifel ban" an exception to the rule.

A lot of Congresscritters talk smack about outlawing certain arms, but when it comes to protecting their phony-baloney jobs, they know how to vote. Obama just finished crying about the unfairness of it all just a couple weeks ago. ;)