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Some old school gun pr0n...

 Classical Gun Pron, even.  An homage to John Browning's gem of a pistol.

On the top - a "Sistema Colt" - the Argentine M1911A1 built on Colt's machinery in Argentina by FMAP.

In the middle, a WWII-era US M1911A1, a Colt slide on a Remington-Rand frame.

And on the bottom - the Ballester-Molina, the slightly simplified clone of the M1911A1 that the Argentines developed for their own purposes.

Again, both pics embiggen.


No grip safety on the Molina?
As memory serves, for many years there was a legend that the Molina's were built from salvaged steel from the Graff Spree, sunk of the coast. I understand it's been debunked since then, but still a nice story surrounding their hardware for a time.
No, Skip.One of the several changes they made to simplify and reduce production costs.
 One of the more common mods 1911s for IPSC competition was pinning the grip safety. Some people's hands have trouble shooting the piece and properly depressing the grip safety. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Nice line-up. A nice addition would be a civilian 1911A1 chambered
for .38 Cold Super; which was popular south of the border, due to
Mexican gun laws mandating that a civilian could not own a
chambering that is or was ever used for military arms.
 I love my Ballester and it is my shooter 1911 like model.  No hammer bite!