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Much hate-blogging there will be.

This is hilarious - from comments on a HuffPo article on the Senate gun votes yesterday.

"Democrats will never get it. And I don't mean the FIVE who voted with the FORTY ONE Republicans.
In just 3 months since the catalytic event (Newtown) that spurred this background check legislation the public supported the legislation by as much as 92%.

The GOP kept their heads low given the outrage over the shooting and the almost unanimous support for background check legislation and let what many, including conservatives, called a crazy man (Wayne Lapierre) make such outrageous claims across the media circus that even some conservatives abandoned him.
And yet the democrats were incapable of making the case for universal background checks supported by 92% of the public and opposed publicly by a crazy person who questioned the secret service protection for the president's daughters.
Forget demographic changes. Forget Texas going blue. The Democrats are simply too inept to maintain any transient electoral successes they fall in to. They could not find their way to a winning issue with both hands and a flashlight."

Change the topic, insert Republicans and other appropriate changes, and exasperated Conservatives could have written this.


I would say this kind of stuff is silly, if it weren't occasionally a matter of life and death.

Why do politicians treat Serious Business in a silly manner?

What does it all mean, Mr. Natural?

Where is Our Bill, who could explain all of this to us?
I love the smell of libtard outrage in the evening! It smells like Victory!

LaPierre, alas, has often been an idiot. He has sent mixed signals over the years instead of being uncompromising on the issue of the 2nd amendment. I hope to heaven that the NRA is finished with dingy Harry this time. It really was stupid to support a man like him, knowing he's a leftist and will, sooner or later, burn you. I realize what the NRA is trying to do, but you can't single out just one issue to support someone on anymore, if you ever could. Reid has shown that clearly, and unmistakeably.
Dingy Harry checks the boxes, goes to range-openings, shoots a few clays, and gets the NRA endorsement.
He KNOWS how the game is played. He is a hypocrit of the first order, but the NRA does not see it. He is NOT our friend. The NRA falls for the sham. Suckers!
I miss Neil Knox. He was way cooler in every way than LaPierre. If you've read David Weber's Honorverse novels, you'll know not to trust anybody with a French name.

To get serious, I have corresponded with Jeff Knox, who seems to be carrrying on his Dad's program of education. Jeff has admitted to being neurally strange, in the pages of Shotgun News. 

Sometimes I think the neurally strange are the only people who should be allowed to have arms.  You monkeys frighten me.