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Random Thoughts...

Feinstein may be an idiot, but she is an effective idiot, like Barbara Boxer (heh), Chuck Schumer (Oi), Alan Grayson (Eeeeewwww...), and Anthony Weiner (he'll be back). The electorate rewards and enables these folks.

Unfortunately, not since Reagan have we had a GOP elected official who has spent the best part of a lifetime ruminating on what's important (liberty, self-government, accountability to the people and the intent of the Founders, etc.) before assuming a prominent place on the national stage. Reagan's great skill was being able to explain why his policies were better than the other guy's/gal's.

Now, we may be on the cusp of an emerging class of pols from the conservative side that can do this. I think Ted Cruz more than anyone, IMHO, is up to the task. Rubio is good, but he's not as experienced in dealing with truly ruthless and media-savvy totalitarian-Left pols like Schumer and I think he's a little intimidated by McCain and Graham. Rand Paul is entertaining and some of his riffs are good, but I can't help thinking that acorn hasn't fallen far enough from the tree. Mike Lee of Utah is a brilliant student of the Constitution and may also contribute to the defense of liberty in a compelling way in the next several years...we'll see.

Personally, I get a really good feeling from Cruz (and I'd enjoy hearing our readers' take on the frosh Senator from Texas) because he seems to not only to be able to craft an effective argument in a way folks might be able to relate, but he also seems to relish engaging with the most entrenched Dems. His takedown of Feinstein in the gun control hearings (complete with multi-media backup) made me feel sorry for Feinstein...oh, hell, not really.

The problem, as I see it, is getting around the MSM that STILL pretty much has a lock on the attention of low-info voters, young people and the various demographic sub-groups (Latinos, blacks, Asians, etc.). The best arguments in the world are not worth very much if no one hears them. I think the GOP current efforts in that regard...suck. We need to listen to people like Thomas Sowell on how to reach out to blacks, for example.

Frankly, the Republican Party needs to reinvent Lack of social media expertise is a symptom, not a cause, and a shiny object that seems to have hypnotized Reince Priebus. The medium isn't always the message and when your opposition runs rings around you in control of internet operating systems, media sites, contact with voters and all the rest, you have to attack where he ain't. To me that's on the battlefield of ideas. Discover and compellingly describe and promote something that resonates, and all the Lefty tweets in the world won't be enough...I hope. We really, really, really need to decide what we stand for in a way that makes the average guy question, and ultimately reject, the opposition's caricature of conservatives.

One hundred and fifty-three years ago the GOP stood up to free the Black Man. Today, it needs to stand up to free the Forgotten Man with the same eloquence, energy and dedication it showed in 1860.  


 Ted Cruz, MY SENATOR!!!!!!!!!  All I can really say is that if you have gotten on Shelia Jackson Lee's s*** list, you must be doing something right.  In SJL's case, it means stealing the camera away from her.  I agree that he has shown (so far) that he is up to the task of in your face when it comes to defending the Constitution (gawd - how refreshing).  As far as political saavy, he beat a life-time Texas Good Ole Boy that had most of the Texas State Senators and Representatives by the short hairs to support him.  Gawd - what a difference from K-Bailey!
Dusty, back on last November sixth, I tried to do my best to vote, not my interest, but my conscience. Everybody I voted for lost. As I have written elsewhere on the Net, I think that was the last National election in which I'll ever vote. Stick a fork in the United States, they are done.
P.s.  Oh, all is not lost! Who wants to play Caesar?  Jerry Pournelle has declined the honor, pleading old age and bad health. Lex is dead, and prolly wouldn't have approved of it anyway. John, do you feel up to it?
Not really, I'm allergic to knife wounds.

That said, I'm sure many thought we were done in 1861, '62, '63 and most of '64. History is not linear and we have not yet seen the effects of the greatest political blunder of Obama's presidency: ObamaCare. That's about to change.

My dad, a Brit transplant, always said he hardly ever voted for the guy who won. But he never skipped an election.

These days, it's not easy being conservative. But taking the right road (pun intended) never is. Never, never, never, never give in.
Lincoln gave the US its first serious blow in 1861-65. He didn't finish the country by any means. he did, however, set the stage for Wilsonism, which has us going abroad in search of monsters to slay, FDR's new deal, and LBJ's great society.

I don't have a problem with Rand Paul. But, then, I listen to what he says and not what a bunch of neocons have to say about him. Paul's foreign policy proposals were not so far out either. The neocons, OTOH, have a vested interest in taking us to war when we no real interest at stake. We're still stuck in the mess in the Balkans, a region that Bismarck was not worth the bones of one Pommeranian Grenadier. I contend it wasn't worth the bones of one infantry private either. Yet, the McCainiac wanted boots on the ground and we got nothing from it. Vietnam, at least, was part of a strategy of containment. We have nothing like that now.
Right there QM, kind of like slick Willy klinton and his war of aggression against Yugoslavia, where we still have several thousand troops today, as you mentioned, but neocons had nothing to do with that mess.  Klinton did.  Apparently his fat little intern gave lousy head so he needed something else to do. Your assessment on Lincoln is impossible to correlate to reality.
 Let us check out the neocons and their wars, shall we?  Just the 20th century for simplicity. 

WW1 - Wilson, a democrat got us into that.  Also a rabid racist by the way.

WW2 - FDR, another democrat, got us into that, his policies pissed off the Japanese so they hammered us a bit.  Another racist who slapped every Japanese he could find into concentration camps and stole their shit.

Korea - Truman, yet another democrat,  gets the credit here.  He did fire MacArthur though, so I kinda like him.

Vietnam - Kennedy, yet another dem, dipped his toes into that pool, and the imbecile he kept as his pet, Johnson, another committed democrat, jumped in with both feet from the high board, and managed to compile a perfect record of failure and general pussiness until he quit and Nixon got to try to unfuck it.

Not one "neocon, to be seen as yet? Odd...

First Gulf War - Daddy Bush sent me and a buttload of our buddies over there, and it was over before it started.  You can claim neoconliness on this one I guess.  But unlike all the previous wars, it got done fast, right, and put some middle eastern minds right for a while about our abilities. 

Second Gulf and Afghanistan.  Bush the 2nd, Republican.  The Iraq part should have gotten done the first time but  Bush the elder was a pussy.  The Af brought it on themselves for being terrorists or supporters.  We should have killed them all.  But the ones the Republicans ran, did more, lost less people, and achieved something.  Damn those neocons.