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Random pull from the display case...

...because we haven't done that for a while.

The Castle's Ballester-Molina pistol, as built by HAFDASA.  The Argies may have liked German rifles, but they like John Browning's pistol possibly more, especially when you consider imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  It uses the exact same locking system, and many parts are interchangeable, but it is *not* a complete clone.  It was designed to be cheaper than the Colts the Argentines were making already (under Colt supervision and license) while losing none of the functionality.  Just business, yanno.  

Ballester-Molina (aka Ballester-Rigaud, Hafdasa)
Both pics embiggen.


Sort of equally randomly this reminds me of the opening of When Eight Bells Toll by Alister McClain (although with a revolver). Something to the effect of if you got shot in the leg with a 9 mm you swore, ducked behind something, and applied a bandage, and if you got shot with a .45 you hoped you kept your leg. I don't what the ratio of fact to fiction there is in that.
Oops, Alistair MacLean.
From all reports, _any_ pistol bullet is unlikely to be immediately lethal against a determined (just hoppin' mad at you) enemy, unless you get the heart or the central nervous system.  There are many accounts of badasses having whole magazines-full of pistol bullets, of puissant caliber, emptied into them, who kept coming. Now, a good rifle, of the kind which can blow large craters in you, is a different story.  Remember, almost all pistol rounds are subsonic.

I, myself, have travelled as fast as the bullets emitted by my bedside piece, courtesy of Convair (880) and Delta.
Oh, on the piece. It reminds me of my Star PD, which is a much-simplified 1911. It has no sissy Gringo grip safety, just the one for yer thumb, and a half-cock notch. Silly Anglos always obsessing about safety... The trigger is an improvement I think, rotating but not sliding, thereby saving some parts. It has the optimistic adjustable back sight, as if anybody is going to shoot anybody with a pistol from any further distance than across the room.

It is otherwise a nice piece, quite light, and accurate when it works.  I would like to restore it to at least reliable functionality, if not prettyness. As the thing is now, I would hate to have to use it for its intended purpose.