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On the otter heiny...

 More fun will be to watch how the tinfoilers spin Chechen students into dupes of the administration as standard-bearers of a false-flag operation.

I have the utmost confidence they will be able to connect those dots very quickly.

All y'all keep an eye out for that and share with us, 'k?


Heh. This _IS_ the Internet, after all.
I thought it was Castle Argghhh!!!
 Here's my take on the results:

JTG, it's link-heavy.

Next tip:

Open an account to trade on the Russian stock exchange.
 Then buy GazProm. Lots of it.
We are going to have to suck up to Putin for HumInt on Chechens here in the USA. His price will be the we keep our natural gas out of GazProm's sales territories.

That's MY tinfoil hattery for the day.
Actually, this is going to be bad for the Admin and their open-borders butt buddies.
I miss the old Irish terrorists. They were at least somewhat rational about whom they blew up. Well, more often than not. Sorta kinda. Mostly.

Blowing people up when they are just minding their business in civil society is just rude as hell, and the most insulting way to kill people. I mean, e.g., if you see somebody start to draw a gun on you, say, you have maybe as much as a second to get ready for it and set yer mind, but getting blown up out of the blue is something else entirely.