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New skool gun pr0n

 Those Barretts have aggressive muzzle brakes.  I think I would rather not be the guy on the left or the right of this guy.

The blast from the pepperpot muzzle brake of my Hakim is bad enough, and that's only 8mm Mauser...

The pic embiggens.


I was 2 tables down at an outdoor range, corrugated cover for the tables.  A guy had a .50 BMG with that type of muzzle brake.  It was ... somewhat unpleasant. 

To get even I switched over to black power.  ;-)


 Ya hit 'em with the Rev'runds Jackson and Sharpton? Harsh. Harsh indeed.
LOL.....some typos are better than others! 

Black POWDER....

I switched to shooting black POWDER loads. 

(trying to picture myself wearing a black beret and giving a clenced fist salute)
Give them a No-Go on the Test for failing to call "BACKBLAST AREA! CLEAR!" RHB
Hell, I was annoyed one time at the range when the guy next to me was shooting a .44Mag pistol! (I was shooting a friend's .58 Enfield replica, a very mellow piece, and yet quite deadly)