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New contract awarded...

New lightweight, easily deployable tank - perfect for the New Hollow Army!

 Administration proposal for a new tank to replace the Abrams - perfect for a hollow army configured for peacekeeping, and can deploy a battalion of them via one FMTV.


Ft. Riley is often thought of as the home of the 1st Infantry Division, The Big Red One. But, in the fifties it was also home of the dreaded Circle Trigon Forces, the Army's official Agressor Force. Lacking in real troops, they were chock full of inflatable vehicles, remanants of our D-Day deception plan. From time to time, they would roll them out on the parade ground at Schofield Circle and inflate them.  This supplied a real amusement park for 8 year old boys, myself included.
An added bonus is that all that hot air Congress puts out can be used to inflate them.
 HoverTanks.. ASSEMBLE!
 Ah, yes.  Back in ROTC, when I was writing the OPFOR orders for the training exercises, I subheaded them with "Circle Trigon, a Wholly-Owned Subsidiary of Agressor Nation, Inc."
 Speaking of which...  Circle Trigon!
 The Circle Trigon post reminded that the Navy used the F-16 as an aggressor AC. Worked out well seeing as how it was really an enemy aircraft. From the Navy's PoV anywayz. :-)

It was a shame the Air Farce didn't have something similar to Centurian's amusement park in the 50s. Ida been all over it. As it was, the narrow minded AF didn't want us kids any where near there winged wonders without serious adult supervision. And, sometimes that wasn't enough.

Seek help.
 I'll bet it saves on fuel. There is just one thing, *DON'T PHART, the only vehicle that self-destructs without explosives, sorry John. Make sure you are standing upwind upon detonation.
 Panther - the bubba can't help himself.  He can't take that first step.

It could just be a Colonel thing.  He picks on the Centurion, too.

Inflate with helium, attach gondola, and voila'! Aerial Observation Tank, Mk 1.
 Panther is just a bit too touchy. Didn't even have him in mind here. My boyhood, after all, was spent around AFBs.

Most of teh retired ossifers I know were pilots. Some were even AF pilots. One, in particular, lives near the belly of the beast in Dayton, OH, and I see him regularly as he and I are old caving buddies.

Did I mention he's retired Colonel? :-)
Whee! An inflatable tank!  Goodyear would be proud! Now, we need to know its volume and its weight, to be able to tell if we have a true flying tank there, if we were to fill it up with hydrogen.  (Helium is too rare and costly to waste on silly notions like this.)
Panther,don't you pick on Qm. He is one of my fellow strange people.  Don't make us get all extra-strange on you, and, like, double-team you!
Say, folks, is it just me, or have some of you other folks detected a tendency by that Panter, or Dustly person, to try to impose Normality on this here blog, which is the last ditch and ultimate bunker of weirdness among the Milblogs?  I'll fight him on the beaches, I'll fight him on the landing grounds....