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Mis-captioning DoD pictures...

 ...from an entirely different perspective than our usual gripes on the subject.

This one was called "Every Kid's Dream."


Me too!  I don't wanna be a submariner... but I wanna ride in a submarine, I assure you!  And Bad Cat Robot wants to *own* one.  With her own Evil Minion® crew.

YOKOSUKA, Japan (April 17, 2013) Fire Control Technician 3rd Class Corey Wilkins, assigned to the Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Asheville (SSN 758), gives a tour of the submarine to middle school students from Camp Zama and Fleet Activities Yokosuka during a Girls' Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) event. The Navy's "STEM for the Classroom" program encourages students to discover academic pursuits and career opportunities in the science and technology fields and allows students to explore the latest STEM technologies used in the Navy. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Declan Barnes)

Predictable joke in 3, 2, 1...



In order to promote some real social justice, I think that there should a program to help STEM boys discover girls. 
First take: no thanks. Serious lack of windows.
Then again, I had the same take the one time in Reserve AT when they had us ride in a Chinook back in the nineties, but by the time we landed it had become my favorite out of the three military aircraft I'd got to ride in: like flying while sitting in a lawn chair (humanitarian mission in Guatemala, no alice or turtle), great leg room if your buddy across the aisle was cool, and actually a fantastic view out the back.
So a submarine might not be that bad, I suppose.
Wanna submarine. Wanna secret lair with a secret submarine tunnel (lots of islands in Puget Sound, that part isn't too difficult.) I figure I can recruit my crew here, no problem. ;-)
That looks like a much more roomy submarine than the one I went through when I was a little kid, which was USS Archerfish (I distinctly remember the picture of her name-fish  mounted on the wardroom wall, or inner side of the pressure hull.).

Archerfish got Shinano.
My dream, when I was a little kid, was to fly an SBD against the Japanese navy. Knowing that the Japanese Navy had already been destroyed, I shifted my dream to flying in the LTA part of the USN. Just before I was old enough to enlist, the USN deflated and scrapped all of their blimps. I was all butthurt about that, to the extent that I refused attempts by my High School guidance counselor, who was not just Mrs. Stewart, but also Lieutenant-Commander Stewart, USNR, to recruit me to be a naval officer.  Not having good enough  eyeballs to be an aviator may have had something to do with my decision.

As I think about it now, I should have gone ahead with it. I think I would have made an excellent Supply Corps officer. Owhell.

I LOVE submarines. I love looking at them, I love reading about them. I love pictures of them, I love seeing them in person, I love movies where submarines are major players. I even love going IN submarines that happen to be properly on dry land.

Get on one? Go underwater? Not on a bet. Not at gunpoint.