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Living History



Looks like John really cleaned up the Castle grounds for this event!

You should invite some Marines to drop in for a mission or two...

It is interesting to note, that the Howizer Battery is right where the Dutch set-up their siege emplacements way back in 1627.  They managed to capture the city, and almost got to the fort, until they got cold feet.  They then set the city ablaze, and skeedaddled back to Amsterdam calling it a day.  The momument sitting in midfield of the picture, attests to this.
There a caption or story to go with the photo?
I apologise to all, as I haven't found a caption to it.  All I know is that today the remains of a Rican founding father were returned from Spain, where he died 200 years ago.  They came on board of a Spanish Navy Tall Ship.  Cryptic information is found from its source at Facebook: HERE.  Hopefully, I will get more information on today's event a bit latter.
 That's Neat! 

How goes the job search?
 Sigh I trained and commanded on the exact same gun. We are still using them, but with a longer barrel, except that the cradles are starting to crack.
The Barque Escuela Juan Sebastián de Elcano Bahía de San Juan
Which carried the remains of Ramon Power y Giralt back to
St. Augistine is a lovely ship. Interesting rig, four raked masts,
fore'n'aft gaff rigged, with stay-s'l top-s'l's, and square-rigged on the
fore-m'st, to boot.

  The Facebook site has a photo folder of 94 images of it. For those
with a schooner fetish, follow the linky love:

 I believe the square rigging on the foremast makes her a barkentine, not a schooner (just to pick a nit).  Lovely vessel, whatever you call her.
Hey, at least it's not a Horsed Vessel, as the USCG has to put up with!