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Let's put this Whatziss to bed...

 Today will be the day, of that I'm sure.

You can thank RandyK for the opportunity to excel.

Now with a screw head for scale.


FAMAS bolt?
Perhaps this will help - you are looking at it upside down, and from the rear.
 Bolt assembly for a Barrett M82 rifle.

M107 Bolt
 Raging Tachikoma got it.  When Randy sent me the picture, I knew it was a bolt, but not which one - but the overall shape of it led to suspect the Barrett M82-series.

Mind you, I got to see the whole thing up front.  I don't know, getting the pics cropped as I presented them to you, that I would have gotten there any quicker than Raging T did!
I wondered how easy this would be to figure out. The M82 isn't exactly common, but a lot of people have seen pictures of it. John added his own spin to it which raised the level of difficulty a bit. For the record, this isn't my rifle. I shot some photography for a guy that does firearms instruction outside Chicago. I got to fire it twice, once mounted on his jeep and once with the bipod. Surprisingly little kick.