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Hmmm. A point to ponder.

 How much our mental image of someone shapes our perception of them.

Compare and contrast:


The one of Kerry in the light blue "condom" is my personal favorite. LOL

They would need to be in the same stance for it to be a true comparison.  Even before I could identify the man, I thought "Sleezy used car salesman."  Just from his stance, cheezy grin, and pointing finger - "Have I got a deal for you!"

Thatcher is standing like a commander, centered, calm, one hand bracing against mishaps.

 Kerry's "Blue Sperm" suit is my fav too really fits with him being a dick and all.
FYI.  That is Dukakis (another dork from Massachusetts) not Kerry in the blue suit.

I agree that Mrs. Thatcher looks thoroughly impressive, but she of course she certainly was.

After the Dukakis photo, I was kind of expecting the helmeted President Obama on his bicycle picture.
Sandi - the guys know that.  They're referring to this picture.
 "Rob in Katy" and "FDCOL", Gentlemen, gentlemen, I do believe you have an issue here, but this is the problem, "The assumption of things not in evidence". I think you made a great example of the "Armorer's Point". THANK YOU.
My apologies, gentlemen.  I missed the other picture.
She exudes leadership and I miss her and her time on the world stage with Ronnie and John Paul I.  He exudes slimyness and I wouldn't follow him in line at the bank.
 Note that Maggie is standing in the TC's spot. Dukakis is in the loader's hatch, the only place they could trust him.

I wonder how many times they to yell, "DON'T TOUCH THAT YOU MORON!" at Dukakis. That photo lost the election for him.
 A following photo of the Prime Minister shows her with a "This is wonderful fun" grin.

QM, YOU would trust Dukkk to be a loader?  You'd call for HEAT and get NERF.
 Joe, as the old saying goes, "not just no, but H3LL no!" I'd be afraid of what would happen. It'as bad enough if Ivan is trying to off you, but add somesilly Masshole Guv to the mix is enough to cause me to go over the hill.
Lieutenant-Colonel Kratman, the SF writer, has said the he wanted Dukakis to win, because he had called Dukakis a disgusting little cocksucker years before, and wanted to be the only serving officer who had called his CINC that to his face.
Also, Dukakis's Dad was a Lesbian. Really.