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Have I shown you my grandkid pictures?




And of course, their Uncle Stewart!


  Having lived in Puerto Rico for many years, I fear you may be torturing our Boq,,,,, Cabrito being a fine meal in the southern climes. YUMMM!
 I would threaten to talk about my Grandkids, but you've already met them, and will again. :-)
It's amazing how many people just assume our goats are foodstuffs. They're not. They're angoras, raised for shearing and spinning the fleece into mohair. It would be a waste to slaughter them. Besides, anything that sleeps on my chest as a baby in order to revive them from hypothermia isn't going to die of anything other than old age. 
John, I  very well understand that. Just the same, many others do not subcribe to your, warrented, attatchments. I, having eaten many things in my travels, don't subcribe to partaking of my pets, or my horses, dogs, rabbit, and ewe, wouldn't like me as much as they seem to do. But, when in Rome, or Ponce, my senses are not so delicate. Buen provecho.
Boq knows the price isn't worth the taste... 
  True enough. But, Tasty all the same.

 Actually, my angora goats are bred to put their energy into growing mohair, they do not have anywhere close to the kind of bulk that the Boer and other meat goats have.  They serve a purpose that is different.  It would be a waste to kill and eat one of my goats, when over their lifetime, they will produce more mohair by far than they will meat.


My angora rabbits ... same thing.  I can harvest their angora wool every three to four months for their entire life, and make more money doing that than selling them as food rabits - lots more money.

Thank you for answering my question about shearing them before I asked it, John.  That's a heap of work, shearing, cleaning, carding, spinning.  Spent the better part of a frustraing weekend trying to learn to use a drop spindle.  No thank you.
 Joe, I could never get the hang of a drop spindle.  I think it is better to learn on a wheel.  Makes a huge difference.  And some wheels are better for beginners than others.
 A little tone deaf, Glenn.

We just don't talk about eating our family members here.

It's a quirk of mine.
 A quite justifiable quirk, I might add.
  John, Beth, I apologise. No insult intended.
Glenn - no worries. You didn't publish recipes for dog. That's happened. 
Heck, C\ult of the Dead Cow published intructions on how to butcher and cook humans for human consumption, back in '97, I think it was. Useful info if somebody is being really obnoxious in your lifeboat.

To further gross y'all out, I recall an article on in which a woman described how to copulate with dogs to best advantage.  So, yeah, there are all kindsa people, and a lot of them post on the 'net.
 @Justthisguy: TMI to the max....
Is the wool from Stewart, Cinnamon, and Malone any more valuable than that from Francis because it would be easier (I assume) to dye?  Or is it more valuable in its natural colors?