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Cold War Family Portrait

 And all of 'em disabled, unable to perform to original specifications.  Museum pieces.  Obsolete.  Discarded.  Abandoned.  Empty, inert.  Unmoving.

Like me.  

Obsolete artillerymen, all of us.

 I suppose I should mention, all legally obtained. From left to right (in green) 203mm/8" howitzer, 175mm gun, 155mm howitzer, 105mm howitzer. All HE carcasses, never loaded. Used as display trainers, and procured from PDO/DRMO at Fort Sill.


Off to the right, with stuff leaning on it and stacked on top of it - is that a recoiless rifle?  And the projectile on top of it - Bolt for a 30# Parrott?

Where is the Blue Nuke?

I knda figured we shared the experience of hugging a nuke.

 Yes, Joe.  M20 75mm reckless.  The projectile is the nose of a 106mm recoiless HEP round.  The Civil War stuff is in the vault.
 The gold colored round next to the red round is a nuke crew handling trainer, for the very earliest of the 155 nukes.  The RAP round I had pictures up of last week is dimensionally almost identical to the later 155mm nuke rounds.
Sorry I am not an obsolete artilleryman but almost I am obsolete mortarman.
As you well know, in today's world, it matters not how something or someone performs. What matters is how they look, and these look really scary.
We had to manualy (by the checklist) remove  THAT warhead from a Terrier to replace it wih a telemetry warhead.  It IS a small world after all.
 Oh, and don't miss anything on the checklist.  Or do it out of order.  Or pass the tools *over* the warhead, vice around or under.

And ask permission to deviate from the checklist, when the manufacturer changed from slotted screws to Philips screws, and the paperwork hadn't caught up.  Fail to ask for the exception and explain why you want to use an "improper, non-spec, tool" and you failed and got decertified on the spot.

Not so good times, nukes.
But they, like all us old guys, make great door holders

 My old friends HE M107 (155), HE M106 (203) and the HE M1 (105). 

*Sniff*.....  I miss you guys!!!!
 Yeah, they were a blast to party with, weren't they?

Hey Zero!

Are you an old GMM?  Had my hands on a few Terriers, back in the day.
Slick: No, I was an FTM. Bunked with GMM's and the like in the Weapons diivision.

The Navy changed while I was in too. Look up 1144 mos.
 Zero, the Navy did not have any MOSs. We had NECs. Has the same function, however. I can't remember what a QM was. It's on my DD-214, but I never had any call to know.
QM: Made re-check my DD-214.

1144 And Civilian Occupation Code: Ordinance Mechanic (632)???

Oh well.... The date was 9 May 1969. Sue me. [grin[

 Currently, NEC 1144 is Aegis Computer Tech.
Well... I did train some on the

Reckon it must be similar.. Wonder if it is as noisy?

Not being a nautical type, I have no clue about such things.

What is the NEC for Captain of the Foretop?  How about Yeoman of the Sheets?
Oh gods of all things that go BOOM, if you can get a fission device into a package that is six inches by twenty something, why do of the know it alls on the talking head shows say they ain't no such thing as a backpack nuke?
Augetter -- because those who know aren't talking (much.)
 And those who don't know never seem to shut up.  Mumbles Menino, he of the counterterrorism expertise, declares that there is evidence that the two bombers acted alone, just as the FBI is naming the sleeper cell they were a part of.  

Somewhere there is calliope music playing every time these idiots open their mouths.  
 I have seen and handled our 1980s versions of such things.  They were stored in the same places my Golden BBs were stored.  They belonged to the Engineers, and were called ADMs.  Atomic Demolition Munitions.  Though I can neither confirm nor deny Augetters dimensional data.

Simply because I never knew the data.  Never had a need to know the data.
Centurian, the Yeoman of the Sheets is now out of the closet. Or so I've been told, or heard, or something.
 Where is your 16" HC MK13 MOD6 for your Rifle 16"/50cal MK7?  

Man I am jelous of your collection.
 Scott - I do have a 16in powder can and charge increment.  And up until a few days ago when it sold, I knew where I could get a projo.

But I can't deal with the MHE requirements, nor do I wish to, frankly.