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Clearly one of my spiritual forbears...

 Dude has a much narrower focus, though.


Interesting picture of Infantry weapons, probably circa 1943. One of these weapons is still in service, the M2. That is quite amazing.
Don't forget the other John M. Browning designed wepaon, the M1911 pistol in his holster, now in its 102nd year of service.

That's the start of a nice little collection there.
You mean they're obsolete B.A.R. one?

And even a M1918 trench knife, no less...

The M1911A1 is certainly still in use, but it's a stretch to call it still in service, even though the USMC just procured some for their Special Ops folks.  The Army got rid of it when I was still serving 20 years ago.  Technical quibble only.  All of these would be a very nice and very manageable collection, especially if they were all in working order with ammo and accessories. The 37mm AT gun would be lots of fun.
Leave it to Neffi to find the knife.
I've seen prices on legal shootable 37mm AT guns ranging from $25K to $52K.
I did not say affordable.
I could have some fun with that mortar. You guys know me. For instance, how lowly could you elevate and still have the shell slide down the tube and thwack its primer properly? Really, all mortars should have sprung firing pins and triggers so we can do experiments like that...
P.s. Of course, a prudent lunatic would use a very long lanyard.
M1911A1 was still used by 5th Grp and 3/10th from Carson in Iraq back in 2004-05. So yeah Army still uses them.
Is it just me, or is the 60mm mortar missing it's bipod?
I think it is, Heartless, but that's a short-range piece designed to be used by people like me, so it doesn't really matter. As in, "That looks about right."
Dang, I thought I coulda gotten a rise out of Lvn with my last comment. He really does have an animus against incompetent mortarmen, and with good reason.
 That's the "light" version of the 60mm, Heartless, intended to be sans bipod.  I have one of the later ones, with the much light "airborne" baseplate.  Essentially equivalent to the Brit 2inch and Japanese "Knee" mortars.
Asleep at the switch.  I am not completely against incompetent mortarmen, only those on our side. I was quite pleased when the ones on the other side couldn't get a round on target.
 Prudent lunatic? There's an oxymoron for you. LOL!
Prudent Lunatic = Competent Sojer, it seems to me. As somebody said, an army composed of rational individualists would all run away. Hey, I behave in irrational ways all the time. Heck, I even try to go to church at least once a week. One should temper his lunacy with prudence, I do believe. Maintain an Even Strain, and all that.