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Caption Contest (Skirting History Edition)



The Ladies from Hell out on a domestic shopping spree.
Pleats just look more ..... feminine. LOL
Pardon my Scotch!
Trooper McGillicutty thinks this skillet will do fine for bashing the Hun but McDonald is still skeptical.
Heavy betting favors the lass selling the Lance the special "fluffy omelette" pan.
Sure looks like the rough crowd that I used to see around the Catholic girls' high school.
Gal to Scotsman: "Is anything worn under the kilt?

Scotsman to Gal: "No, Ma'am, everything there is in perfect condition!
"The Regiment has voted to repair it".

Remember, April 6th is Tartan Day, so wear your kilt! I will be wearing my US Army pattern kilt, argyle jacket, US Army pattern tie, Cold Steel dirk and broadsword, and a black glengerry. I will also be carrying my Colt Commander in .45 ACP. (And probably a .32 ACP in my sporran, because... "One is none and two is one!")