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Because.... *have* to have a HERA* round if you're going to call yourself a *serious* collector.  

I mean, who doesn't need a HE round with a rocket motor to kick it those exta klicks?  

The pic embiggens.

*HERA - High Explosive Rocket Assisted.  Better yet, we'll just swipe J(NTA)'s sales blurb, since he covered all the bases.

 U.S. 155MM M549 HIGH EXPLOSIVE ROCKET ASSISTED (“HERA” or “RAP”) PROJECTILE - In the 1960s and 1970s there was a lot of work done with “Rocket Assisted Projectiles” or RAP rounds in various calibers for Army or Navy use. Most seemed to work pretty well and were subsequently standardized. These were ideal for long range engagement of personnel and material targets. RAP has two distinct advantages over normal HE: increased range and fragmentation (more pieces, smaller size). The rocket motor provides increased range. The inside of the projectile is scored for increased fragmentation. Although no longer in production in the U.S., these are still being made in South Korea. The 155 mm M549/M549A1 HERA is a separate-loading munition with a two-part forged shell body. The forward HE-filled shell body is constructed from high-fragmentation steel (HF1) and if of a low-drag aerodynamic profile. The rear section of the shell is made up by the rocket-motor body, this constructed from 4340 steel. The motor body weighs 13.5 kg (approximately 3.175 kg of which is propellant), is 266.7 mm long and is encircled by a welded overlay copper driving band and obturator band, both protected during storage and transit by a grommet. At the front of the projectile, the fuze cavity is protected during shipping and handling by a lifting plug. Prior tofiring, the lifting plug is replaced by a fuze, and the protector cap over the rocket-motor nozzle is removed; the 155 mm M549/M549A1 HERA is not intended to be fired in the 'rocket-off' mode. On-target effects are enhanced by the shell's HF-1 steel body. The 155 mm M549 HERA forward shell body is filled with a nominal 7.26 kg of Composition B. The M549A1 HERA filler is 6.8 kg of cast TNT. At the instant of firing, the propellant gases ignite a pyrotechnic delay train in the rocket motor. The delay burns for approximately seven seconds. At the end of this seven second delay, the rocket motor ignites and the 7 pounds of propellant burns for 3 seconds, providing the energy for a much greater range than pure ballistic flight. In the M109 gun, the max ranges is 23,500 meters, and with the M198 gun the projectile can reach 30,000 meters. (Incidentally, the shape of the 155mm M546 RAP round is the same as the XM785 nuclear projectile.) These held about 15 pounds of either Comp B or TNT explosives, but this one in empty, making the net weight about 80 pounds. This M549 projectile has the original OD paint with remnants of a blue band on the ogive. Looks like a 1978 date in the lot number. Rotating band and the nylon obturating band bothin excellent condition. Paint has assorted scrapes and scratches and Bubba scratched initials MUH near the tip. Comes with INERT M577 MTF as shown. Great looking example of a scarce round showing one of the few major advances in artillery projectiles in the last 100 years. INERT- no flammable or explosive comonents.


But don't you want an Excalibur, too? LOL
Well, yes, yes I do.  But I don't think they're available.  Legally, anyway.  Might be spendy, too.  I'll take a Copperhead, and a manufacturer demo of that round *is* out there.  Also spendy.
Did that come in a box or just wrapped in plastic?  I bet that caused some stares in the UPS warehouse.
Ooh, could I get one in battleship caliber (16-inch), pretty please?
A box. But my UPS guy *knows*...
You UPS guy knows, which might be cause of some issues.
I mean after loading a package destined for you and his truck has a loud backfire, does he need to stop by his house for a change of drawers in route?

No.  He trusts me.  As he should.

The FEDEX guy, not so much.  He's convinced the turkeys are going to eat him.  I really suspect the first time this young man had left the confines of the urban core and drove down a gravel road was delivering packages to our place.

He's terrified of the birds, the goats, and the dogs.   He no longer just dumps the packages out the window and speeds away, but he *hates* delivering to us.

 In the background are two rounds with perforated cases, which I assume are for recoilless rifles. I am guessing that the larger one on the right edge of the pic is a 75mm, so what is the smaller one standing inside the 155mm shell carrier? 
Maybe the FedEx guy saw the Discovery channel's special on the linkage of birds in general, and turkeys specifically, to Velociraptor fossiles found in China last year. Them turkeys got history, baby !
Yeah, the UPS guys could find our house in the country before GPS or named roads. The FedEx guys would come through with the package, but it was a bit of a struggle. 
If I were the FEDEX guy, I would prolly get fired for wasting time communing with the critters at The Castle. I mean, there are dozens of them, and it would be rude of me if I only said howdy to one or two of them, neglecting the others.
Just imagine how he'd "hate" you, if you were to open up a damaged crate/box that he just unloaded (straining his back) and finding out what was in it. A nice heavy bit of FORMERLY exploding cast steel.
 Our UPS guy is great.  So is the guy who subs for him when he is on vacation.  Stewart has jumped into his truck before.  He laughed.
Al - a subcaliber round for the M18 57mm RCL.  We have one of those, too.
CCO - ask, and you shall receive.  There is one 16" round available.

 I wouldn't mind having that 16" bullet myself, but the price is just a bit beyond my means.
Buy it QM, that caliber is Badger Approved!  The Big Badger Boat had those! You like Badgers don't you?