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As the man said, "What could go wrong?"


H/T: Glenn Reynolds


 Ya gotsta wonder if there are any brains left in the puzzle palace. What could go wrong, ideed!
Oh, I think there are brains left ....... I just question whose side they are truly on. This will not turn out well for America.
 Gentlemen, gentlemen, I am sure there are still some brains in the "Puzzle Palace". They just put them to sleep and stuck them someplace where they would be warm. I am sure with the creative intellect of this fine group, we could determine their location. Plus for clarification, in this group, I use the term, "Gentlemen" in the loosest possible definition, even in this group.
And, [rimshot] for Grumpy!
John,  nice touch, "[rimshot]". "Appropriate". 
As I asked elsewhere on this topic, why haven't we launched more satellites to provide adequate bandwidth for our own armed forces here?