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Alrighty then!

 Need some help getting packed, Mr. Morgan?

Help Piers Morgan emigrate!


He might have a problem. One Wag in the U.K. quipped:
"No one here wants him."
 Not true, actually. Scotland Yard would like to chat with him.
 He has his mouth firmly clamped on the far-Left sponsored mainstream media teat as some sort of "media personality".   He isn't going anywhere.  Which is a shame.  Because he should go to Chicago's projects and start disarming the drug gangs of all their illegal weaponry.  No cameras, no limos.  

When he's finished, he can come back on TV and tell us how successful he was.

This reminds me of one of my favorite Internet sayings, started by Justin Buist, IIRC:

Q.  Why don't you crazy gun nuts go off somewhere and start your own country?

A.  We did. Who let you in?

OT, but I am starting to get really annoyed at Our Bill about his continued absence from the Web. He'd better be able to prove he's dead, or produce an equivalent excuse, dammit! Susan claims he's still alive, or she'd know different. But, we're talking about Bill here. I wouldn't put it past him to be dead and pretend to be alive. That boy is _tricky_.
I am annoyed with Our Bill as well.  But there ain't much I can do about it.
Mr. Morgan,

Delta is ready when you are.

1)  I saw  Mr. Morgan on the "Charlie Rose" TV interview show once whereon he described himself as an "Irish Catholic" which, based on his prior geography and accent pretty much established the degree of his psyche's disruption.

2) The bottom frame from the movie "Tombstone" makes me wonder where Wyatt Earp is now when we need him.
Traditionally, England sent her undesireables to Australia. Not that I have anything against Australia but, tradition.
Some of my British compadres have said they don't want that loser back.

I guess we could confine him to California or New York City, then toss that locale out of the United States.

After all, there's no prohibition in the Constitution against tossing the wankers out of the union...
 We should encourage secession for certain states. Anything in New England would be a candidate there. As for Kali, Oregone and Wash State, we should invade and convert them to Christianity and be done with it. If they won't convert, then certain movies have made suggestions what we can do with them.

We could start by putting them in a room and pipe in George Beverly Shea 24/7. I'm sure they'll beg for mercy pretty quick.
As far as WA goes, you only have to take King County.
The rest of us are on your side...
Most of the people in 'flyover' Oregon will help you invade. We just need help with the People's Republics of Ashland, Eugene, Salem and Metropolitan Portland. Liberate us!