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What I'll do with my lottery winnings...

...if I had any.


Wowsers. Didn't know they had flying replicas. It sure is purty.

Wouldn't mind having a Shooting Star, myself.

Come to think of it, a fly-off between those two would be interesting, as -to my knowledge- they never met in combat.

 You're an AF retiree and an airline pilot, you should have plenty of money for such things, Dusty.
where the hell did they find zero-time J-79's for their Rhino????   and that has to be THE shiniest tailhook I've ever seen on one......  I pity the poor guy who has to clean that thing.  
Ah, Quartermaster, you never disappoint. 
I'm a fan of the SPAD.  I just love those hulking brutes.

 Dusty would never fly an Navy Aircraft.
John, that's a Navy Aircraft in AF drag. Just like the Warthog was an Army AC operated by the AF.
Heh.  [closes bunker door]
Whoa! They have a storch! I wonder how much it costs to go up in that?  Always loved that big inverted V8. Plus, they don't seem to HAVE a stall speed. And you seem to be able to take one off and land it on top of a bus.
 A Storch is a wonderful aircraft if you don't need to get there fast. It was designed to fulfill the same role as our Liason aircraft and did it very well.

A company, don't recall who, built a replica and demonstrated it inside a theater by taking off, flying around inside, then landing again. Don't remember teh stall speed, but it was bloody low to be able to do that.