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This just in!

Hugo Chavez is tossing 'em back with Che!

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Next Stop: The 5th Ring. - BOQ
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In related news, Sean Penn was seen on his knees in Hollywood, rending his garments and tearing his hair.

Hugo Chavez is dead!


Darn it...I had good money on Fidel shuffling off first...

I'm beginning to believe Fidel Castro is undead.
I was thrilled with the news,not only is that one less pinko dictator stalking the face of the earthI had him in my dead pool.  Now I need Lindsey Lohan and Nelson "I was never a terrorist" Mandella to punch out and I will have a sweep, frankly I like my chances this year.
  Hey! I had those three first!  Just added Putin. But I AM an optimist!
Hugo can give us a first hand report on the odor or sulfur now.

Good riddance.
Putin is hanging on long enough to be declared Tzar Putin I.

 I just bet his welcome at Fiddler's Green was as "warm" as Che's was. The occupants of he Green prolly called for a little help from Piddler's Green and sent Che on down the road to the gates of hell. I imagine the same for Hugo.

Got plenty of snow here today. They closed tribal offices while I was on the way in. It's almost all melted away already.
"Oh happy day, ka-loo ka-lay he warbled in his joy."
~ Lewis Carroll

The Romans had the right idea, having a slave stand behind a general receiving a triumph saying "Remember you are but a man." Chavez and those like him seem to think their legacy will go on forever. Perhaps someone should have been behind Obama after his first election, not that he would have deigned to notice anyone not treating him like the second coming.