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Sorry to have been absent yesterday...

 But life, the job, and another unexpected birth intervened.  We're running a neonatal intensive care unit in the kitchen again.

Meet Francis.  Who we really didn't think was going to make it night before last.

But all is not lost.  The magazine logjam is starting to clear.  Got a double-digit delivery of these yesterday...

Thermold 30 rounders.


Well no wonder the kid is in ICU!  Beth's feeding him Mountain Dew!  That can't be good for a newborn!  :)

Seriously though, glad to hear little Francis is doing better.  I like the concerned momma watching Beth feed him.
Yeah, everybody knows that root beer is the choise for neo-natal care, heh, heh, heh. Seriously, the wife had a cow when she came into the kitchen early one morning and I was feeding the six-monnth old (human)kid root beer and scrambled eggs... No sense of humor she had.
 The kitchen is where the babies belong, especially if mommy has to intervene.
emdfl, you shoulda given the kid a proper breakfast - cold pizza with Root Beer. Breakfast of Champions!
 E.E.F.I. sir, that mama goat now knows where every bit of goat-edible food is in your kitchen. She will pass that info on to the Goat Staff. One day, you will stumble into the kitchen for an early breakfast, and find nothing there, but only the goat-edible food stocks will be missing. It all starts from this minor slip in facility access security....
 Triple-baffle-entry security, with *two* airlocks.
Sorry, QM. Breakfast of Champions is Menudos and Tequila.
Naw the Breakfast of Champions is Chopped Egg C-rat and hot canteen water tasting and smelling of water purification.

 Iodine water!  Yuuuuuuuuuuuumy!
Oh, Qm! Would that we could still have iodine water! Because of the machinations of the Drug Pigs and the Safety Nazis, we are no longer allowed to have iodine tablets for our water, nor even Tincture of Iodine from the drugstore.  Pure iodine crystals are right out, lest we make some nitrogen tri-iodide (an amusing explosive) or Meth, or something.
Did you know that nitrogen tri-iodide becomes even more sensitive, the bigger quantity of it you have contiguously in one place? I determined this experimentally, in a bad way. Later, my learning was confirmed by printed authorities.

Chemistry is the  discipline in which the maxim, " A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" is sometimes enforced with a death sentence. An icky, nasty-poo death sentence, such as dying in a Class D fire.