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Something else that J(NTA) dropped off during his drive-by...

 M2 Carbine double-size cut-away trainer.  Complete but for the front barrel band.

Anyone has one (wide, Type 2, plz) lemme know!  

No?  Yeah, I didn't think so.  I can prolly try to fashion a substitute.  And I know a guy who actually hand-hammers medieval pattern plate armor who could school me on the shaping.


FWIW I have a metal bender that should make those bends.  The only issue is that It might be to big!!!

Similar to this one...

Also have another sign for you from my daughter that I think you could use :-)


Rich in KCK
I love these cut-away pieces. They show all the neat little fiddly
-bits in all their proper places, and interactions during the cycle
of function can be observed.

  As for the band, might it not just be easier to have  ye afore-
mentioned armour smyth just make one up?

And for those who don't have the room, the app "Gun Dissassembly 2" for mac, pc, android, etc. has various weapons in 3 dimensions, rotatable models that can be disassembled, and reassembled, and show functional cycling in an x-ray mode.
Comes with 10 free weapons, and more avail at google app store for under $5 a model.

Yeah, I have that app.  One a desktop, where you can actually *see* things.