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Someone just had a good day...

 That would be Pogue.

Me, I'm waiting for Priority 3 to open up.


That makes two of us! 
Thanks for the link!  Personally I can hardly wait to get it out to the range. 
At least three of us.
 I guess I'l just have to happy with a Savage 110FP and some good glass. I do like the old Leatherwood ART scopes. A shepherd looks attractive too. I'd never be able to buy the same rig Pogue just got. Not after the Armorer corrupted my wife last November.
For those liking sniper stuff, I heard the CMP has received about 600 unserviceable and 400 new in the box Unertl scopes from the USMC. 

After several years of nothing happening due to bureaucratic inertia, the logjam was finally broken when a current civil service, but former USMC sniper, guy figured out what butts needed to be kicked, or papers pushed, to make it happen.

I expect they will show up on the CMP auctions eventually.  I expect they will bring crazy high bids.