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Some more Feinsteinian nightmares...

 Probably full of imploding bullets, too.  I admit, the Horsehoe Magazine was new to me.

But wait! There's more! Really!

This one's easy to conceal and take to the Mall.

But never fear - government types go for it too - at least in the Philippines...

I saw the pistol on Facebook and went a'huntin' for the the source. And found it. For more of this toothsome fodder and other firearms oddities... click that link back there.


I like the stapler gun.  Some pretty ingeneous stuff there.  And some scary as hell.   Like the stapler gun.
I am not sure there was a single one of those that I would really want to try, or at least fire while holding it in my hand, and not via a long string, from a bunker. I think there is a reason most of these did not make it into production. Still, you got to admire the ingenuity.
What the hell is that abomination in the second picture?  Double muzzle break?  80 round mag?  And is that a shotgun shell coming out of the port?
MikeD: I think it's some variant of Saiga 12 gauge, for some sort of Action Shooting thing.

The brakes might be some photoshoppery.

(Me, I want to know  if the banana mag on the Astra 400 actually works... I am not sanguine on its prospects, just like I don't think the AR magazine the Philipino guard has will work.)
At least the Astra magazine has gravity working for it initially - but that would still have to be a bodacious spring.

Of the three pics - I'm only reasonably certain that number one isn't photoshopped.  The others... maybe, maybe not.
On #2, looks like a wad of black duct tape holding a couple of mags together.