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Some Gunner Zen...

Gun drill does seem to have changed since I stood behind a gun.

I didn't see anyone checking the bore for residue, in addition to not swabbing the bore. That might be a change caused by the new charge system.

They're still a gun position fail with that tent where it is. If they had to shift trails to attack a target to the right, the tent is in the way. I know, they're at a training area and they know they're not going to have to shift trails, but if I were a battalion commander, I'd give them a "do not load" mission where they'd *have* to shift trails. Just to make the point about good basic gun position setup.


What, no highstepping Riverdance moves?  Where are the Pakis when you need them.
 *Situational Awareness* is knowing where you are, *before* you bend over !
What I find interesting is how little the basic drill has changed over the centuries.

Gunner/chief of piece lays the piece,  calls off range and munitions, men at the limber chest prepare the round, hand it to the runner who shows it to the CoP to confirm, hands it off to the loader.  Round inserted, rammed, piece is primed, lanyard hooked up (or linstock picked up), piece is discharged.  Do it again.