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Rectal-cranial infarct alert!

The Senator has no filters.

Sometimes, you wonder if she can *hear* herself. Oh, I know what she meant in her head, but good golly gee... Senator, just when did it become *legal* to hunt humans... with any weapon? You only object to being able to do so with hi-cap mags? So, as long as I use a baseball bat...  it's apparently okay with the Senator from California.


 Cranial-Rectal Docking Complete, Suction Complete, Air-Recycling Fully Operational, The breath of life never leaves her body. She is doing her part in reducing her carbon footprint. If all of the above is true, where is she talking from?
 Are we having fun yet? Jeez. I have to throw up in my mouth now. Where's the fiddlybits?
There's fiddlybits below this post, Glenn.
Easy, humans aren't migratory, so they don't fall under federal migratory game regulations.

I couldn't help it, the migration habits of European and African swallows came to mind when I read that. 


 CCO, You make an interesting observation. "Easy, humans aren't migratory, so they don't fall under federal migratory game regulations." As I read the US Constitution, any area that the document does not explicitly give the authority to regulate, then falls back to the individual states. But the states have their own laws on the hunting of humans. The rising debate is on the subject of this question, "What is a human? Where do politicians and lawyers fit in this picture? I understand that we might be required to have a varmints' license, in these special cases."
Actually, Grumpy, I would think Lawyers and Politicians fall under the head of Vermin/Varmints, so you wouldn't need a license nor is the season ever closed. I've never heard of a state that had a "Varmint" license, although that may have changed of late, given the mental meanderings of burycrats.

QM, might need a "depredation permit" from DFG.

and just think, folks.  This is one of the people I have to call and write to to urge a NO vote on anti-gun legislation.  Her, Boxer, and the Hon. Mike Thompson.


 I figured you might have to have something like that in Kali. IN these parts, however, depredation something done only by game animals doing actual damage. We can, for example, shoot feral pigs, Coyotes, Ground Hogs and such at any time. In Wyoming you used to be able to shoot Prairie Dogs anytime your little heart desired, or you just as some spare .22-250 on hand that wouldn't leave you in peace.

We do have some European Wild pigs that got out of a game farm near Tellico Plains, TN abut 100 years ago for which there is a season now. They've pretty much expanded through the National Park and the national forests of East TN and WNC over teh years. They do some hellacious damage in and around the Smokies and probably should be declared Varmints too.
 If it were legal, there would not be an illegal immigration issue!!!