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Operators Are Standing-by

Just in time for the coming world wide bank run. A mattress with a built-in strong-box:

Oh and my apologies for those who are linguistically challenged.



 If you have a parkerized finish on your 1911A1, it will just stay there in between the mattress and box springs with the grip protruding, cocked and locked in Condition One, no worry about it falling out.

Not recommended for those who sleep with their arms dangling off the side of the bed, though.

Much more important that you be ready to fire than spend from your position of repose.
Yup, Rivr, there is a lot to be said, these days, for holding one's funds in the First Bank of BeautyRest. My pillow piece has a blue finish, alas, so I need to wipe it down from time to time with an oily rag, against the night sweats.
You should be sorry! It took me three tries to realize that the language menu on the CC "Translate captions" menu was the "language to" rather then the "language from"