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O Noes - Skkkarie Gun!

An Australian man narrowly escapes conviction from possessing a skkkarie dangerous eeeviel illegal firearm. Article: HERE



Now you know he was going to use that to knock over liquor stores. 
 Huh? Whut? Neither Carrie nor I have been to Australia recently. I swear.
 Now you know why we can't even begin to allow the anti-gun poison to infect the lawmakers of our Republic.

How about it, Armorer, could this ack-ack gun turret have been re-milled with parts available without restriction or government license to import via the Internet? Is ammo for it commonly available in Oz without restriction or government license?

If this guy really wanted an anti-air capability, it would be easy for him to obtain some sort of R/C model (drone) that he could fly to some altitude, and use the drone in a ram attack on his flying target. He could also declare himself a radical Muzzie, and his local radical Muzzie mosque would have the information for him to be able to buy some Russ anti-air shoulder-fired SAMs.

If the Rozzers of Oz are concentrating on guys with demilled WW2 gun turrets to the exclusion of the more sinister threats, Oz might very well have some serious problems.
 I know some *very* serious collectors in Oz.  They do have serious problems.
Andy Cuomo would have reacted in the same fashion.  I guess dumba**es aren't unique to the US.
 Likely story, SKK. We'll need to examine your passport, your internet trail, and your recipe book before we can absolve you of any involvement.
I liked the comment
"They need someone expert in canon law."
 Um... which passport, QM? Heh...