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Not Going There

And who ever said that jarheads didn't have brains:



Ah, the pic is blocked at my current location.
Smart lads, still they will be asked that question again when they get home and better have the right answer.
Talk about asking a guy a no-win question.
Depends on the version of the story, names and the number of dwarves varies. I'd go with "Happy".
If you watch the clip on Youtube, (There is a legal copy posted by the GSN) you will see that the marine does finally answer the question but not before prefixing it with, "I'm only saying this to get on the board..."
I dunno, I think "Dock" would be safe.

What's that?  "Doc"?


Sorry about that.  I actually mostly like Marines.  We have one in our congregation whose Marine-and-Spousal nickname is "Dopey". He isn't, really, but has a Dopey decal on the back window of his car, above his USMC vanity license tag.

He doesn't show up in church much lately.  He seems to prefer attending one with better, i,e, traditional music.  Nonetheless, his wife shows up every week with their cute kid and ushes us up toward the altar to receive The Host.