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National WWI museum...

Almost as good as our basement! 

Okay, a little tongue-in-cheek there.

We've got examples of every artifact you see in this picture.

SWWBO was running around pointing at stuff and going, "We have that! And that! And that, too! Which was true of small arms, grenades, commo gear, and instruments. We really do have a significant agglomeration of artifacts at home. I'm rather pleased at how well it compares (they clearly display their stuff *much* better).


""In that respect, the Auld Castle was a better venue. More wall space." 

And that not to mention the gats, geese, peafowl, and other assorted "atmosphere" accessories you have and they don't. I'll bet the coffee's better at your place, too.
What is the gender of the person on the right? 
There's "atmosphere* and then there's Field Sanitation Go/No Go NO GO.

 That person is a lady, a friend of ours, who fortunately doesn't read the blog!
D'oh! Sorry!
We took the daughter there last week.  An amazing collection of artifacts, and the movies are well done.  She even stayed after the 2nd movie to catch the first part again.