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MikeD - this one's for you!

 Since yer snarkin' me in email about "Old McDonald's Blog..."

This is what a newborn kid should look like.  Carrie just threw this doeling this morning.

She's already holding her head up, alert, screaming, and has had her first poop - meaning things are moving inside like they're supposed to.  At this point in his life, Francis was a limp dishrag, and there was no one home - it was as if his spirit hadn't been poured in yet.  This one is only hours old, but she's well ahead of Francis in development.  She'll go back to the barn to be with her mama.  She won't nead the CNIC (Caprine Neo-natal Intensive Care) or to join Francis and Corabelle in the Convalescent Ward (i.e, garage).


Oh, lordy, that's cute!  I'm finding that I'm starting to like cute.  How is the other one doing, John?
Why do some people get so exercised about this? I lurve cute critters as much as any man, and goats and their kids are among the cutest! Besides, The Armorer is famous for putting up with weird critters and strays. Heck, he even puts up with me!
Besides, at the moment I feel utterly impervious to criticism. Not only did I get issued my palm leaf Saturday night, but it is an _autistic_  palm leaf, properly aspergated by a tree sprig dipped into a bucket of holy water by a genuine Canon, who was also an Army chaplain in Viet-Nam.

Not only that, but we had a mini-Passion Play, and I got to play Caiaphas.  Everybody said I sounded like a real meany of a Bad Cop and was perfect for the part.

Wait, there's more!  I got to attend a most excellent free concert today, given by our local municipal band.  There was some Karl King, there was some Rossini (overture to La Gazza Ladra), an excellent circus march by Fred Jewell, and a marvellous performance of "Onward and Upward" by Goldman, in which the trombones shone magnificently in their very difficult part.

Oh, yeah, there was some modern popular music, too, with vocalists. 
 It was tongue-in-echeek snarkitude, Joe.  Not serious bitchage.
 Hhhmm, I'm almost startin' to come here for the critters more than the firepower-related stuff. And yeah, the doeling is devastatingly cute!
I showed these pictures to my wife, who also gave a very high score on the cuteness scale.  But, she also asked if this breed of goats ranked as high on the barnyard thug scale as our goats (Nubians).  I responded that I thought so, thuginess is the very essence of goatness.
Well, not this one.  She died last night, dammit.

That's the first kid we've lost.

<i>Since yer snarkin' me in email about "Old McDonald's Blog..."</i>

Wait... what?  Is my wife using my email address?  Heck, I don't recall doing so, but I do get the Oldtimers now and again (at far too young an age).  I actually quite enjoy the animal posts!  And I always love the pics of your kids (even if I can't resist punning).

Very sorry to hear she didn't make it.  :(


I figured it was comradely snarkage, John.  I was just struck when looking at the photo about how, when I should be getting curmudeonly, I'm turning into a softy and liking cute.  Maybe it comes from inheriting a toy poodle a few months ago.

Sorry about the loss of the other one.  Gotta be hard when you put all the time and energy, both physical and emotional, into trying to keep 'em alive.

 John, there are no words, that really express it, I think we're all sorry.  To you and Beth, they are your "kids", like family. You lost one and that hurts, but because of the 2 of you,  how many survived? But you also have the other animals that are a part of your family, both two-legged and four-legged, both physical and virtual.
I'm so sorry-- the strong one died?  Gee.
MikeD, Sorry, forgot I gave up your ID.
Color me bummed out. Sorry to hear this.