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If their lips are moving...

...they're still deluding themselves and essentially lying to us.

Heh. If their lips are moving, they're still self-delusional. And I have a three-generation view on this, dating back to the *founding* of the Veteran's Administration and my WWI veteran grandfather's interactions with same, followed by the Auld Soldier's interactions with same, followed by my own, and my work helping my younger brothers and sisters navigate the system.


And these type of people feel they are best suited to tell us how to live, and to administer our lives, right Mayor Bloomberg?  Mr. President?  



One problem is the sysytem is not run by Vets. I personally have never met one of the people working at a VA hospital that was a vet, and vets have a dickens of a time getting hired by the VA. The VA is a shame to FedGov, and that's going some given how many thing in FedGov is a shame to them.
We have quite a few vets at our VA. Unfortunately, even some of them act like bureaucrats and spend more time avoiding work than working. Some of the most dedicated people I've met here in my career have been non vets, and some have been vets. The difference is cosmetic only and doesn't appear to have any true bearing on whether a person will work or not. I'm a vet, so I'm not trying to make excuses for anyone.

Remember, Shinseki is a vet, and the backlog is NOT getting better. Neither is the command climate, or any description of efficiency. And I work at one of the 'good' facilities.

Rant, not over, but I'd better stop.
After a coule of unsatisfactory and downright unplesant visits to the VA after I retired, I found the solution to the problem. It's simple and effective:

Never interact with the VA. For ANY reason. Ever.
BKMNOOT - that is my assessment as well.   While my personal interactions with caregivers at the local facility have been fine, my interactions with the bureaumonsters at Wichita... not so much.

After 24 years of service and then being medically retired after an injury during a JRTC rotation, I applied with the VA for disability. My first rating?  0% of course.

Still fighting with the VA after 4 years and every year I hear the same broken story

"yes, we have a backlog. BUT, we have a wonderful new system
(program, administrator, magic wand)
that will fix everything, you just need to give us more time."