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 Mother said to always say something nice about someone.

Okay.  He fits his faux uniform better than I fit the one I spent 24 years earning the right to wear.

It's been a mixed day.  It's Easter - that's a big plus for those of a faith.

It has been warm enough the ground is thawed sufficiently that I took Promise the little doeling who died and let her join her other furpersons over on Piddler's Green.

I got my Medal of Honor posts caught up for the spate of recent awards, tidying things up for Chaplain Kapaun later next month.

And then there's this sad little sack of Walter Mitty.  Who I would have left alone if he hadn't been doing things like this.

Jonn over at This Ain't Hell takes aim at him, but it's JD Hinton at Professional Soldiers who really unloads and has more pictures.

This pic emibggens so you can enjoy the enormiousity of awesome-sauce that Ken here wants you to think he is.

You'd think they'd at least Google "Army Uniform Regulations" before they go on an online shopping spree.

One last thing - leave the website alone from that first link.  The last thing we want to do is make that poor kid's website a focus in this.  And I don't recommend spamming Ken's employer, either.  Neither of them is responsible for what this poseur does.


John's picture is good, but you mustn't miss the others at the links.  John's picture shows our hero as a Major with an oddly outsized flash of some organization that I don't recognize. He must be former enlisted since he is wearing both his rank insignia and SF distinctive unit insignia.  I think that they frown on wearing both.

The other pictures reveal a double below the zone promotion to Colonel and he's been to free fall parachute school and earned his master wings.  He is now apparently in a super secret SF Group, since he is wearing the generic Army flash.

But, I bet he doesn't have one of those spiffy ribbon rack mugs that advertise on John's web page.
 He has that kiddie-toucher smile on his face, too.  

Wanker.  Plain and simple.  Wanker.
For a minute there I thought he was Joe Biden.
 I wasn't an ossifer, but I recognize that guy as a poseur right off. The County Persecutor while I was County Engineer was Reserve SF (promoted LTC while he was Persecutor) and I saw him in uniform  several times. I can imagine how someone who actually served in SF would be mildly annoyed with such a man.
That is one of THE oddest things I've ever seen...Love the patch above the nametag.

FWIW, this being Easter Sunday an' all, Quartermaster--I think he was a prosecutor; Pontius Pilate was a persecutor... 
I used to call him the persecutor to his face. I'm sure the Panther would not believe that I would have done such merely to playfully annoy him. No, not me.
Why do people do this kind of thing? I, m'self, have been mistaken for a veteran a few times. Each time, I have vehemently denied the accusation, asserting my status as a 100% lifelong civilian. Maybe I'm just being autistic, or something, but pretending to be something you're not just seems somewhat creepy and nauseating to me. (well, with the usual exceptions, such as ruses of war, etc.)
P.s. When I played Caiaphas in the Passion Play last week, everybody said I was perfect for the part.  Umm...
"He has that kiddie-toucher smile on his face, too." Indeed. He looks just like Jerry Sandusky. Sad that people have to pretend they are something they're not.
 Wasn't a Batman costume or Green Arrow available? Go Big don't steal!
"he has that kiddy-toucher smile on his face, too."  This is one of the reasons why Ambassador Shirley Temple Black carries a revolver in her purse, even unto this very day.  She had a bad Hollywood-producer episode when she was a kid, if y'all have read that story. (Relax, no physical contact; she laughed the guy out of the room.)