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Harry Reid is simply a bad man

 Way to wave the bloody shirt, Senator.

That was a puerile pusillanimous sack of burning dog poo thing to do. Even if there was a scintilla of actual, oh, truthiness to it, which, of course, there wasn't.

Dare ya to make that point at Camp Lejeune. Then we'll see how well military discipline holds.

Which it would.  Damn good thing for you.  And damn good thing for me I don't have to hold my tongue like I once did.

You are one sad excuse for a human being, Harry Reid.

And a pugnaciously ignorant bastard, to boot.


You are being too kind.  He's not anywhere as good as you make him out to be.
My sailor vocabulary fails me when it comes to describing Senator Harry Reid's qualities.
But, like IV said, he's not anywhere near as good as you make him out to be.
Come on guys. John was describing his *good* points. I bet his mother raised him on the Thumper philosophy - "if you can't say anything good...."

He's a modern day Democrat.

It's who he is.

It's what he does.
He's going to have a very soggy grave.
I'm all for giving our elected officials the respect due the office, even if the occupant works hard at not deserving that respect. BUT, harry has worked above and beyond what civilized Americans should tolerate from their paid employees. Those who actually voted for harry should hang their heads in shame, and the VFW officers who decided that he deserved the support of veterans should no longer be welcome in that organization.